Friday, 26 September 2008

ABC 123 Baby You And Me Girl - Part 8

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Veil: I didn't wear a veil. I hate having hair flying around my face and I thought a veil would be sort of like that, only worse. I wanted to keep things simple.

Venue: I am so happy that we chose the Irish Pub. The event-planning people there kind of sucked, though they'd never done a wedding before so I can't be too critical. The servers and bartenders were fabulous.

Wedding jitters: All day I was on a bit of a high. I was jittery and a bit manic but I didn't start to feel nervous until five minutes before the ceremony started. Then? I felt like I might vomit. This is one of my favourite photos that Angella took. Turtle and one of my favourite aunts are both trying - unsuccessfully - to calm me down before we headed up to the patio for the ceremony.

Xcellence: (Hey, remember way back at 'E' when I did 'expressions' and I was all "at least I didn't put this under 'x' and make it 'xpressions' ... you would have permission to kick me in the shin if I did that."? If you know me in real life, you now have permission to kick me in the shin.)

My Mom is a beautiful lady but she always manages to look awkward and uncomfortable in photos. I love this photo of her.

I think Turtle looks gorgeous in the photo. I love how the sun is hitting her and making her glow.

This photo makes me laugh. It was taken as we walked back up the aisle after the ceremony and you can see how relieved we both are that the ceremony was over.

Cupcakes make me happy.

This is the Best Photo Sequence Ever. We decided to do a few cheesy wedding shots so Angella told us to look around the tree trunk at each other.

You can see why this guy cracks me up.

Yellow: Some of the centrepieces had yellow flowers. A lot of the flowers weren't yellow but I couldn't come up with another 'Y'. Don't judge.

Zee End: Yeah, I went there.


  1. I want your wedding to be my wedding.

    Except with me in it. You and Shawn can fight over who gets to be my groom.

  2. So cute! If I haven't mentioned it before, I will now (and if I have, sorry for the repetition) looks like you had an amazing wedding! Dress is beautiful, flowers gorgeous, hair so pretty, pictures are awesome, everything just perfect!

    Oh ya and the groom is great too.

  3. That tree photo sequence made me tear up a little cause it was just SO. CUTE. Adorable.
    I'm bummed that the A-Z has come to an end.

  4. yaaaaay!

    no wait, i mean NOOOOO!!! i love these wedding recaps! :-(

    those flower pictures are so lovely.

    as is your mom :-)

  5. I loved your wedding recaps. Seriously, so much fun. My only question is why your aunt and sister weren't giving you a shot of Jameson? That surely would've loosened you up!

  6. I didn't wear a veil either. Didn't want one - too annoying.

  7. i have loved loved LOVED your recap.

    dumb question: do you have a british accent? a canadian accent? i need to know. it's keeping me awake at night.

  8. i love all of your wedding recaps, it looks like an amazing time. and the photos by the tree are adorable, i love it. you guys are so cute.

  9. Your wedding was so beautiful. I'm bummed that the re-cap is over. Do you think you could maybe do a recap of...of something else? I apparently really like the alphabet because I totally loved this type of list. DO MORE! DO MORE!!

    And hello? You need to submit a photo for yarnification.

  10. Your wedding looked awesome! I will miss your recaps. I love all of your pictures.

  11. You look like you're holding on to that bar for dear life!

  12. Y=YAY! As in, yay, it's almost over. You know this list was like a meme and you totally did it. Good job.

  13. Or, yay, we're freaking married(?)

  14. Y=YES! We're married!
    Hurray for the recap. I agree with OT though, can you do another alphabetical recap of something or other? Pls thx bai!

  15. Where did you find the cute guy? seriously, very cute, very cool, very fun. You look happy, which is good, because you are supposed to look happy in wedding pictures. I like your casual approach. You two are good looking people. People always like to look at good looking people.

  16. Yeah, i want your wedding as well. It's so cute and perfect.