Monday, 22 September 2008

Jenny Said When She Was Just Five Years Old

I got tagged for two memes last week, courtesy of Alice and the Over-Thinker. I'm starting with Alice's because it's the shortest of the two. I need to list five addictions and then tag two people.

1. Baked goods. I love baked goods. Cookies, muffins, pastries, the list is endless. I could never be carb-free. Life would honestly not be worth living.

2. Cheese. I eat cheese every day. I could never give up cheese. Blue cheese is the only cheese I do not love.

3. Puppies! I love all puppies, not just Stella. I have been on a months-long mission to get Shawn to agree to getting another puppy. I've been pretty unsuccessful so far but my birthday is in 3 weeks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Whenever Shawn asks what I want for my birthday, I tell him all I want is a puppy. He is not pleased with me.

4. Email. I'm not a big phone person. I can't make it through the day without checking my email at least once. I do not understand people (my mother) who check their email once a week.

5. Trashy television. I'm not proud. I love me some America's Next Top Model and The Hills. Don't judge.

I'm supposed to tag two people, but I'm just going to tag the Over-Thinker because she tagged me. I'm vengeful like that.


  1. dude, you are so asking for it. you are going to end up getting a second puppy to live in that tiny condo, and it is going to destroy things like stella did, and it will probably de-train stella, and you will be covered in bruises from puppies jumping on you. remember not sleeping through the night? yeah. and you are going to Deserve It.

  2. You reminded me I need to do this meme too!

    LOVE baked goods and cheese too! Whomever doesn't is just not human.

    By the way, have a little something for you on my blog. :)

  3. Cheese and carbs! What's not to love? I think I might go get some cheese now...

  4. I think one of the best things that has come from this wedding planning business is I've finally kicked my Hills habit. So wrong. So very very wrong!

  5. Hooray for trashy TV! I'm a sucker for The Hills too. And Gossip Girl. Oh my god how I ADORE that show!! :)

  6. You only check your email once a day? I envy your restraint.

  7. OOOoooooo...this is so wrong. But now I have something to fill my Sunday post :) So you've actually helped me out which is probably the opposite of what you wanted to do, SO THERE!! heehee....have fun with the 36.

    I have never seen the Hills but I feel like I hate Heidi and Spencer enough already...

  8. T: Maybe, but I will looooove it. And you will too.

    Marie: Ha ha, get on it!

    Leftlane: I know, right?

    Nilsa: But it feels so right!

    Sharon: I haven't watched Gossip Girl yet because I know I will be hooked.

    Angella: I check my email about 700 times a day. I just meant that I would go crazy if I wasn't given the chance to check it at least once. I'd probably still go crazy though if I got to check it only once a day.

    Over-Thinker: I am currently booing and hissing in your general direction.

  9. top model and the hills and two of my biggest guilty pleasures. i just can't get away from them, haha.

  10. i also adore cheese. ALL cheese, even blue!

    keep on shawn for the puppy. :-)

    i love antm far more than is healthy. but i've never seen the hills!

  11. cheese is the SHIT. I'm kind of in love with it.