Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I Blabber The Weird Grammar Due To Listening To Hits Like A Hammer

Last night I saw Burn After Reading. I don't put much stock in movie reviews, which is a good thing or else I wouldn't have gone. What is with everyone hating this film? I loved it. I loved everything about it. Okay, not everything; there was one scene that kind of ruined it for me a little. I'm not a fan of gratuitous gore. Apart from those eight seconds, it was a fabulous film. It was the first film I've seen in a long time that I was still thinking about when I left the theatre. In fact, I'm still thinking about it today. The only thing that would have made it even better (apart from taking out the gross part) would be the inclusion of Christopher Walken. I don't know why, I just got a Christopher Walken vibe from it.

Today is a crappy day at work. I didn't have time to grab a real lunch, so I picked up a fake lunch. A lunch that you cook in the microwave. A lunch that has a list of ingredients with no recognizable foods on it. A lunch formed of chemicals. A lunch that is cooked in the plastic cup it comes in, meaning that not only am I eating the chemicals that are intended to be in the food, but also the chemicals that leech out of the plastic when put in the microwave. And I burned my tongue. My fake lunch probably contained a million calories but you wouldn't know it from the grumbling nosies that are emanating from my stomach right now. Why is eating healthy so difficult? I love vegetables. I need a farm stand beside my office instead of a drug store.

I feel fat and chemical-ridden and the only way to alleviate my angst is to watch America's Next Top Model tonight. I really hate that I love this show. Tonight is the makeover night, which means that someone is going to cry about their hair and then I'll be all "ha ha, sucka! oh wait ..." but then I will feel better about myself because my crappy haircut wasn't broadcast on national television and the skinny bitch (because wow - they are ALL SO SKINNY this season) doesn't have an Over-Thinker to make her feel better.

I reread the contest rules and it turns out that the photo of Stella needs to be a recent one. None of my photos are that recent. I was just going to lie (the logic being that they would have no way of finding out) but then I realized that the file details contain the date the picture was taken. Is there a way to delete the file details? Or should I just take a new picture so I don't risk disqualification?


  1. i 100% love ANTM. i don't care about any of its many, many, MANY flaws.. i love it unwaveringly. i can't WAIT for makeovers. whee!

  2. i hate that i love antm too.

    but i love that i hate Tyra Banks. hahah!

  3. Yes, you can remove metadata from jpeg files. There are programs like this one that will do it. You can try it.

    I hope other people's suffering eases your pain and that the evil fake food doesn't kill you.

  4. just take new photos! you love to crank out the camera!

  5. ANTM is one show I cannot miss.

    Take a new photo! Stella deserves to win!

  6. Isn't "recent" relative? I mean, Stella isn't all that old in the first place. It'd be one thing if you showed puppy pics of the little girl and she's now 12. But, c'mon. At this point, what's a few months??!!

  7. I'm right there with you. I don't care much for reviews because a lot of the times my opinion will differ. And I LOVED Burn After Reading too! The Coen brothers did a good job with this one too.

    I would say take new pictures. Better to be safe than sorry!

  8. Alice: I know! I can't stop watching it, even when Tyra is making me want to claw my eyes out.

    Ali: Ha ha, Zing!

    J: Thanks. This seems a bit too involved for me though.

    Jess: True enough.

    Angella: I think so too!

    Nilsa: That's what I thought too. What is "recent"?? Why couldn't they qualify it by saying it has to be taken in the last 3 months or the last 6 months or whatever. Why are they so vague?!

    Marie: I really enjoyed the movie. I have no idea why so many people did not love it. Blows my mind.

  9. I loved Burned After Reading too. LOVED.

  10. I was also surprised that Burn After Reading got some bad reviews because we saw it last week and liked it! John Malcovich's character REALLY made me laugh.

    ANTM is the only show I watch. I don't know why... but I tune in every season, pick a favorite, follow all the drama, roll my eyes...