Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Angel And The Jerk

This does not bode well for our new furniture.

In other, related, news, I have been informed that I am 100% not receiving another puppy for my birthday.

she looks so angelic when she sleeps - unfortunately, I know from experience that she's just plotting her next move


  1. oh dear. that's... old furniture, then? so it's, uh, ok? since it's not new? oh dear.

    maybe if she had ANOTHER puppy to occupy her, she wouldn't need to chew furniture! that's what i did with oliver... he was causing too much trouble since he was bored, so i got him a friend! :-)

  2. that comment above would be from ME.

  3. Shoot, I forgot to tell you - Stella called me and was so upset about what happened. I guess a robber broke in while you guys were at work and chewed the arm of the chair. She tried to stop him, she even told him where your valuables were hidden as a way to entice him from the furniture, but he was out to sabotage her. He's jealous of her freaking adorable little brow wrinkle. She feels really bad that she couldn't stop him from ruining your chair. Sorry I am late on getting the message to you!

  4. Oooo...not cool, Stella. NOT cool. Also, I agree with Alice. Until we got another puppy, Lucy ate quite a lot of furniture. I think her final count was 2 dog beds, 1 doggie door panel, corner of a couch and 1 ottoman leg. Oh, and a piece of siding. Not really furniture, but I thought I should mention it.

    Once we got Maggie, no more furniture was consumed. For real.

  5. Awww but she's so cute!! All I could do was look at her sweet face and not the fact she chewed up the chair. So adorable!

  6. Isn't there a spray (Nature's Miracle?) that you put on spots where dogs pee to discourage them from marking there again? Well, maybe you could take a similar spray and use it on your new furniture (assuming you can spray it on that kind of fabric) to discourage Stella from asserting herself!

  7. Alice: The chair is about 3 years old but it was Shawn's chair so he's pissed. I really like your logic about getting another puppy to occupy Stella. I will present that argument to Shawn tonight.

    Jess: Stella has a shit tonne of chew toys. She goes through them so quickly. We get her the strongest ones we can find - the ones for "aggressive chewers" but it doesn't matter - she can chew those suckers up in a day.

    Zoo: This made me laugh - thank you :) Stella's brow is only wrinkly when she's really tired or really mad. She was so pissed at me for making her pose on the chewed up chair - now that it's broken she wants nothing to do with it. She would like a new chair, please.

    Over-Thinker: I don't think Shawn will buy it but I will try.

    Marie: I know! I was trying SO HARD to be mad but I couldn't pull it off.

    Nilsa: We've tried 3 different sprays and Stella seems to enjoy them. They've been completely useless in getting her to stop chewing. We start another round of obedience school in a week so maybe that will help. I'm hoping.

  8. but she's so cute, how can you get mad?

  9. Stella wouldn't chew on things if she had a companion!