Friday, 19 September 2008

ABC 123 Baby You And Me Girl - Part 7

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Siblings: My siblings were rockstars. Especially Turtle (I can say that because she's the only one of my siblings that knows about this blog.) They all put up with my craziness. They all stood up for me and Shawn. I love them.

Turtle, Westy, me and Bow

Speeches: The speeches surprised me. We didn't focus too much on them during the planning stage because we didn't want anyone to feel pressured.

Turtle and Bow both made very touching speeches.

Turtle won because she didn't cry while making her speech but she made me cry.

Shawn's brother made a sweet and (thankfully) non-scandalous speech.

My parents said a few words.

There was a lot of laughing during the speeches.

And a few tears.

Shawn and I were planning to say a few words, thanking everyone, but we didn't actually plan out what we were going to say. We made our speech after all the other speeches (and after the tequila shots. And double gin & tonics) so I was feeling a bit verklempt. All I managed to slur was "Thank you everyone for being here. Thank you to everyone who helped us plan. Thanks for not calling me crazy to my face." Yes, I am a classy one. It was fine though, I had written a small thank you note to our guests in our program so I didn't feel like too much of an ass.

Surprise: Shawn wrote the processional music. He also convinced his old band to play Summer of '69. It wasn't a puppy, but I was still happy. He's not an overly romantic person but sometimes he whips out the thoughtfulness and makes me forget about the pile of dirty socks sitting in front of the hamper.

Ties: I dislike solid-coloured ties. Shawn hates patterned ties. I did a poll and the stripey ties won (and I didn't even fix the results!) The Best Men wore stripey ties and Shawn wore a solid-coloured tie. That's called compromise, baby. See how good we are at being married?

Underwear: That would be my dad, showing off his lucky Irish boxers. Thanks, dad.

The end is in sight, peeps. I smell one more post until the wedding recap is finished. Finally. I'm not sure who is more excited - me or you?


  1. I totally should have stayed for the reception...

  2. Okay, you and your siblings are insanely good-looking. And Westy?? Helllooo Westy (Damn right, he's the "besty!" DUDE.)

    Your dad's ass is hot. (I've always wanted to tell a friend those words.)

    Shawn has like the best smile ever. He totally reminds me of Fred Savage + Someone else. And I can't think of the someone else.

    Only a few more letters!!! But I'm going to be sad when they're over.

  3. aw the sibling shot is so cute. and it's always good to have some fun and nice speeches in there too.

  4. I'm still digging your dress. The cap sleeves definitely float my boat.
    There's something about dad's being classy at my brother's, my dad called my brother's new wife by his ex-girlfriend's name.
    PS totally NOT looking forward to the recap being done.

  5. Oooo I must backtrack and read your previous posts!

    Looks like it was an awesomely fun reception!

  6. Your dad + lucky boxers = hilarious!

    Aww, you and Shawn look so cute and happy in your pictures.

  7. thanks for the pic of your dad's undergarments. i will FINALLY be able to get some sleep tonight.

  8. I am crazy bout those cute little sleeves on your dress. Daddy's undies? Pretty sweet, dude.

  9. I love these wedding posts. You continue to give me good ideas about my own upcoming nuptials. Can I vote for round two of the alphabet recap?

  10. P.S. I second Nilsa's vote. I think that means you need to do it. Internet law, etc.

  11. I agree with Nilsa. This is a great series of posts.

  12. i am postively UNexcited! i am LOVING these wedding recaps! i don't want them to be over :-)