Wednesday, 16 July 2008

But I Will Find Him Sittin' On My Doorstep Waiting For The Surprise

How Shawn melts my brain and makes me love him simultaneously:

Example A

Hillary: We need to apply for a marriage licence this week.

Shawn: We don't have a marriage licence yet?

Hillary: Well have you applied for it?

Shawn: No.

Hillary: ...

Shawn: I thought you would have done it by now.

Hillary: *shooting evil death glare*

Shawn: Want to go for ice cream?

Example B

Last night Shawn informed me that he is planning a surprise for me. A wedding surprise. A surprise at the wedding. Does this seem like a bad idea to anyone else? Because I was all "you can't doooo this to me!" which I know seems really ungrateful but let me explain:

A: I do not love surprises under normal circumstances; under extremely emotional, potentially stressful circumstances, a surprise just seems like a bad idea.

B: I obsess over everything. By telling me 3 weeks in advance that he's planning a surprise, it's pretty much guaranteed that I will not stop thinking (or talking) about potential surprises for the next 3 weeks. This is bad for everyone involved.

C: I dream big. Since finding out about the surprise, I've already come up with the following:

-Shawn and my friends in England have coordinated a "we flew 9 hours to come to your wedding!" surprise
-Shawn has finally given in to my plea that Stella needs a baby brother and will present me with a brand! new! puppy!
-Shawn has finally convinced the rest of the band that they need to cover "Summer of '69" (because seriously - WHO REFUSES THE BRIDE'S SONG REQUEST??)

when really, the surprise is probably more along the lines of "hey! look! we got solid-coloured ties!"

That being said, is it not the sweetest thing that he's planning a surprise? Gah - he frustrates me beyond belief but he also manages to make me feel warm and fuzzy at the same time.


  1. Under any other circumstance, I'd say, "Butttttt surprises are the bestest." But I'd be like you and wonder if his plans include getting a face tattoo. I so hope thats what it is.

  2. I'm in love with you for real. You better be this awesome in person too, or else you're such a poser.

    P.S. One of those three potential surprises is coming true for me on Saturday. Only it's not a surprise. Want to guess? Here's a hint. My surprise will bark and poop in bad places.

  3. I'm not really a fan of surprises either. Here's to hoping that his surprise is fantastic, and will be really special!

  4. I love the wedding license thing. That is so like my husband. He is always asking if *WE* took care of something. In that world, *WE* = me.

  5. Boys. Can't live with them, can't live without them. I totally love the we thing since it really means me.

    Maybe he'll use his musical stylings to serenade you! That could be fun! :)

  6. Oh God. I'd be freaking out like you. I'm sure it's lovely and romantic, but that just gives you one more thing to worry about.

    I'm sure it'll be lovely.

    And hopefully bark.

  7. JulyBug: Face Tattoo? Why do you hate me? :)

    PS: I am a poser.

    Sharon: Thanks!

    3Carnations: Welcome to my life!!

    Leftlane: That would definitely fall under the "good surprise" category.

    Lauren: Ooohh I hope it does bark!

  8. I found you through blog hopping, and I just had to comment. I was married on May 9th, so I hear you on many of your frustrations you've talked about! My advice - just forget about it. Your wedding isn't about you (that was the most helpful thing I finally, sadly, came to terms with). Your friends/family love you, and they will pick out nice things for your wedding, even if it isn't your first choice. My VERY bossy MIL picked out and paid for my bouquet and his boutineer (sp?) WITHOUT ASKING. Then, she bought our wedding cake, WITHOUT ASKING. I about died. In the end, they were all yummy/beautiful, and I should have been more grateful about having a few less things to do (even if my MIL is still a witch!). GOOD LUCK!!!!

  9. i would love a surprise, granted i'm all about surprises. but it would have been cooler if he didn't tell you about it. next time shawn, next time, haha.

  10. Hilarious. I love surprises but it would have been death for the Mister to say "I have a surprise for you at the wedding" because I seriously wouldn't have slept due to the excitement. Also, everytime (and I mean EVERY. TIME.) he says "I got something for you" I say "Is it a puppy?" which is kind of mean because we aren't allowed pets in our building and he tells me to stop saying that because I will always be dissapointed since he can't get me one. For some reason it just comes out of my mouth before I can shut myself up.

    I totally hope you are getting a puppy.

    *melanie from