Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Well See I'm On To Your Scam And I'll Tell You How

Things that are making my head melt - Tuesday Edition:

The rain. It has been one of the driest Julys on record in Vancouver. We assumed that it would be sunny on our wedding day. We don't have a backup plan for the wedding photos. The wedding photos will be taken outside. Rain or shine, apparently. This just seems like a bad idea though, so perhaps instead of cursing the rain my energy would be better spent figuring out a freaking backup plan.

Stella. I think she has worms. I haven't seen any worms but she seems to have an itchy bum. She has licked a raw patch on her bum. Is this something that requires a trip to the vet or do I just go buy deworming stuff? I have no idea - help me out!

The event coordinator for our wedding. I haven't had any complaints so far. She hasn't been overbearing but she hasn't pulled a disappearing act either. The one thing that bothered me about her was her preference for talking vs writing stuff the eff down. I am very much an email person. I like having a solid record that I can reference if things go pear-shaped. A few months ago we signed a contract with the pub but because we didn't have the final numbers, it wasn't the final contract. On Monday we submitted out final number so it made sense that she wanted me to sign a new contract yesterday. Things seemed a bit off though, so I read through the whole thing and realized that she had added a new line item. Or rather she had changed a previous line item from Tech Rental - $0 to Onsite Music Technician - $500. The "onsite music technician" is the dj that she had told us was included at no extra cost to us. Of course I don't have that in a freaking email, she just told us verbally. I feel so manipulated by her - did she think I wouldn't read the contract? She made no mention of the change at all, she just sent the new contract and asked me to sign it because she'd inputted our final guest count and had a total dollar amount for the food and alcohol. So yesterday I emailed her (no more phone calls!) to ask her to clarify the situation. I wasn't hostile or angry (even though I am angry) I just told her that we understood we weren't going to be charged for the dj and she needs to sort it out. I haven't heard back from her yet and it's kind of eating away at me. Did I mention that she just told us that July 31st is her last day? She's moving to Calgary so someone new is taking over the coordination of our wedding. We've met the other woman once and she seems competent but the whole situation is MAKING MY HEAD MELT.

Work. I really should have taken time off before the wedding. Not to do wedding-related things (I'm almost finished!) but to take the time to do things for myself. Like spend the day at the dog park. Sleep in until noon. Get a freaking massage so maybe I'd stop being such a nutter. Shawn and I were working on the programs a few days ago and the words "I DON'T NEED TO RELAX! I NEED RESULTS!" were uttered by me. And by "uttered" I might mean "shouted."

I think that's everything that's driving me batty right now. I'm sure this list will grow as the wedding gets closer. Should make for an interesting week of posting, right?


  1. Oy. When someone is a talker and it's about money or business you can always send them an email saying, "This is just to confirm what we discussed yesterday on the phone/at O'Shady's Pub..." and then write out what you understand to be true and end it with something like, "Please confirm that this is true and correct. If I do not hear from you by the close of business on [two days from now] it will be understood and agreed this is acceptable to all parties."

    If you're meeting someone in person who does everything verbally you can whip out a pad and take notes, and then show it to them, ask if that looks right, and ask them to initial and date it. I am a huge fan of covering your ass.

  2. i hate talkers as well! i need WRITTEN RECORDS, darn it.

    i have no idea about the worms, unfortunately :-(

    good luck w/the coordinator situation. please to be not melting your head before the wedding. :-)


    If she was going to be at the wedding I could "accidentally" hit her with my tripod. Heh.

  4. I think verbal comments can count as an understood expectation, or, a contract. It's just harder to prove :(
    You should be able to buy deworming drops for poor little Stella!

  5. I'm not too sure about Canada, but I know you can buy non-prescription dewormers in the U.S. Your vet could probably recommend something over the phone at the very least, so you maybe wouldn't have to take Stella in.

  6. Green: You? Are smart. I? Am not. The end.

    Alice: I will try to stop my head from melting but I think I'm fighting a losing battle.

    Angella: That would be awesome. Too bad she's not going to be there.

    Meg: I know - I'm all about the "but you said!!" Sigh.

    Jane: I tried that but they made me bring her in anyway. I'm pretty sure it was just for the $34 consultation fee.