Monday, 28 July 2008

And Do Me Just This Little Favour

When we chose jam for our wedding favours, we decided that we needed a truly cheesy label. My favourite wedding favour I've received was a jar of honey with a label saying "Meant to Bee!" Don't even try to tell me that you didn't giggle when you read that. We wanted a label that said "Thanks for jamming with us!" not only because of the jam (duh) but because Shawn and his friends are all musicians and there will be some jamming. One of the reasons (ok - besides pissing off my mother - the main reason) we chose to have the wedding in the pub is because of its live music capabilities. So I went online and found a label company that specializes in small print run labels (we wanted cheesy labels; we didn't want 2,000 cheesy labels.) Everything was going great, I entered all my info, the price wasn't too steep, I'm headed to check-out and BAM! Out of nowhere I'm hit with the Stupid International Shipping Charge. By this point I was really invested in the labels. I worked so freaking hard to make the jam (I burned myself! Repeatedly! There were blisters!) and the labels were the perfect way to present them. I neeeeeded those labels. I couldn't justify over $20 in shipping, duty and tax though. I was devastated for about 20 seconds until the fabulous Over-Thinker swooped in and saved the day.

Dear Over-Thinker,

Thank you for saving my ass and rocking my world.

Love Hillary


  1. Hee! I LOVE them!

  2. haha! they're ADORABLE! perfect :-)


    Who knew there was such a thing?!

  4. Those are rad!
    Hurray for The Over-Thinker!!!!

  5. i'm confused. did the OT make these labels? or have them shipped to her? what?

    sorry. i'm blonde.

  6. OMG---I swear, Hills--you spent well over $20 on my "thank-you-for-shipping-my-labels"-present!!! I'll get you back :)

    Nope, Jess--I didn't make the labels, but I did pimp-out my husband's graphic design skills, free of charge, for the labels needed at her 2nd wedding....maybe something like "Jammin' is sweeter the second time around." or "Suck it Shawn--this guy's sweeter."

    Kidding Shawn! Love you Shawn!! I'm just inapproriate. Sigh...

  7. Jess: She gave me her address so I could stalk her, I mean so I could have the labels shipped to her and then she mailed them to me.

    Over-Thinker: Your inappropriateness is why I love you.

  8. Love these labels!!! Super cool!!