Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A Breath Of Zen That's Nice

Last week, Emily at Pantalones Del Feugo left me a comment on my 'dahlias are better than mums BECAUSE I SAID SO' rant:

"From having been a bride so recently, I can guarantee you that on the day of the wedding you will be having so much fun and be so overwhelmed by love and joy that the flower arrangements will be the furthest thing from your mind."

Emily = smart.

Before we started planning the wedding, if you asked me if I preferred dahlias or mums, I would have looked at you like you were a crazy person. Now I can't stop extolling the virtues of dahlias (they're so pretty and colourful and I LOVE THEM) when really, everything I say about them pertains to mums as well (pretty, colourful, ok maybe not the love part.) Who cares what kind of flowers I have? Do I actually care? Is this what's important? I'm driving myself crazy, stressing myself out, losing sleep over FLOWERS. I hate myself a little right now.

So I went to Emily's site and stalked her wedding posts. She looks so happy and so peaceful. Hers is the type of wedding I want. I want it to be relaxed and beautiful and I want everyone to have a good time. So I have 3 weeks to stop freaking out over the little stuff. If I want the wedding to be relaxed, I need to be relaxed.


  1. Yeah, we just need to stop sweating the small things and be relaxed. August is getting closer by the second! :)

  2. i think relaxing when it comes to your wedding is the best thing you can do for yourself. speaking from seeing other friends freaking out, i say calm down and you can do it all :)

    good luck!

  3. Emily is a smarty pants. Because not only will YOU not care about those flowers. Your guests won't either. Great advice to just relax a bit. It'll all be beautiful, and even more so if you're beaming from ear to ear!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the link love!

    I know that everything will come together and I know that not everything will be perfect (do you want perfection? Or do you want fun?) and I know that at the end of the day you and your fiance will be married, and you will have had a great day. Crazy aunt and her mums be hanged!

    (Also, I totally love dahlias too, and I was sad that peonies were not in season because they are my favorite, but I got by with what was available and the flowers were pretty and I even had some green mums in there, heh)

  5. i had spider mums...lime green. they were gorgeous. wtf is a dahlia?

    oh yeah, there's that thing called google...

    your word verification is ridiculous right now. i'd type it out, but i can't.

  6. Yay! You're going to be married! It's going to be a lovely wedding. Enjoy yourself!

  7. Leftlane: Don't I know it!

    Katelin: Thanks! I need to keep reminding myself to calm the F down. It's a constant struggle.

    Nilsa: Thank you :)

    MLE: Ooohh I love peonies too.

    Jess: I love spider mums. I ordered some lime green ones to go on the tables.
    PS: Word verification = EVIL.

    Jane: Thank you!