Monday, 25 July 2011

Now I Was Sitting Waiting Wishing That You Believed In Superstitions

The pregnancy iPhone app I downloaded on a whim at the start of my pregnancy tells me that today Willie is roughly the size of a pumpkin. My first part-time job in highschool was actually at a pumpkin patch and you guys, I have seen some freakishly large pumpkins.

Last Monday, my doctor told me to go ahead and make this week's appointment but that she would be "shocked" if I actually made it that long without giving birth. Which was exciting to hear at the time but is now just massively annoying, seeing as this week's appointment is in an hour.

I know that due dates are not an exact science and Willie will come when he's ready and I'm lucky to have a full-term baby, etc. I know. I'm just having a bit of a Monday morning pity party. Who wants to join me? What's currently chapping your ass?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

He Sang Nursery Rhymes To Paralyse

When we moved, the second bedroom was already decorated as a nursery. The previous owners left the tree decal on the wall and we decided that leaving it up would be easier than taking it down. We didn't really have a plan for the nursery, though, apart from not wanting to spend a lot of money. This week we finally pulled the room together:

I dragged Shawn to Ikea's midnight madness a few weeks ago and we snagged the crib for $59 (marked down from $199.) The dresser was in our old bedroom but didn't fit in our new bedroom. The clock is my favourite nursery purchase.

The Harley Davidson lamp is Shawn's favourite nursery purchase. It can be used as a lamp or a night light (the headlight and brake lights light up.) I actually made the wooden airplane when I was a kid and my mom saved it for me.

The changing table was a bit of a sore spot for Shawn. He thought a change table is an unneeded luxury. He also didn't want to pack up his electric drum kit that was occupying that space. Fortunately my parents have a basement of extra furniture they saved from when we were kids and they gave us the dresser for free. Shawn can't argue with free. I bought a change pad for the top and claimed victory. The prints on the wall are the result of an afternoon spent on Etsy. The shelves are more freebies from my parents' basement.

We bought a glider and felt like a pair of 80-year olds doing so. I'm not going to lie, though; I freaking love the glider. It's just so ... glidey.

So now we just wait. My due date is tomorrow. I'm uncomfortable but I've not yet reached the point of needing Willie to get out. Mainly I'm just tired. Tired and enjoying some quiet time with the pups before our world is turned upside down.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

You Can Kill A Lot Of Time If You Really Put Your Mind To It

Willie is due in a week. One week. I'm finally on maternity leave, trying to get the nursery organized, and failing miserably at staying focused. My head is in the clouds. Part of me wants Willie to stay put where's he safe and protected. And then there's the part of that is almost giddy at the thought of having my body to myself. (Which isn't an entirely reasonable thought, I know, seeing as I'm hoping to be able to nurse Willie.) There are a lot of unknowns in my immediate future. I'm trying to savour each day that I have and not wish my time away. Willie will arrive when he's good and ready. All I can do is wait.