Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Who Wound Up Losing The Contest?

I need your help. A Vancouver newspaper is having a "Cutest Pet" contest and I need to enter Stella. Normally I don't go for this sort of thing, but I have a master plan. First prize is a $1000 gift certificate to a pet supply store. A $1000 gift certificate would better my odds of getting a second puppy. My birthday is next month and Stella's birthday is a few weeks after. We both want a new puppy. Stella wants a puppy so that she has a companion during the day when we are at work. I want a new puppy because Stella is getting too strong and can wiggle out of my arms when I am nibbling on her ears. I need a little puppy that has to love me because it can't get away. Shawn is having none of it.

Right, so Stella is eligible in two categories: Cutest Baby Pet and Most Affectionate Pet. I have too many photos - I need help choosing which photos to submit (only 1 entry per category is permitted.)

Cutest Baby Pet:











Most Affectionate Pet:

I think Stella might be trying to dominate Shawn here but I included it in the Affectionate photos because it makes me laugh

Stella being affectionate with herself

This photo is a bit of a lie - she's not being affectionate, she's stalking the food I'm holding

This photo was taken just after we got Stella - she woke me up for a 3am pee and I fell asleep on the couch with her

This photos just cracks me up

This was taken just after we got Stella, when Shawn's "no puppies in the bed" rule was still being enforced. Clearly it was an effective rule.

I know all my Most Affectionate Pet pictures suck. I went through all of my photos and I couldn't find any that really reflect her affectionate nature. Probably because when she's being all cute and cuddly, it's difficult to get up and grab a camera.

So, tell me - which photo would you submit? If you were judging a Cutest Baby Pet contest, which photo would make your heart melt? I'm counting on you!


  1. OH MY GOD. how are you going to pick? HOOWWWWW??? they are all far too adorable. FAR.

    that said, i can't get past her little tongue in the second one, so B. or C. OH GOD OR ALL OF THEM.

    for most affectionate, i am nearly as stumped. i say M, N, O, or P. i know, helpful right??

  2. B,E,H,M,N,O,P! I can't choose!
    (Ha! Alice and I picked a lot of the same ones!)

    Can you enter Stella more than once? But maybe give her stealth-ninja-secret names like:

    Stella, Della, Coachella, Swella, Kella, etc. They will NEVER catch on.

    P.S. I sort of hate you a little for looking that good at 3am.

  3. Okay, all of those pictures are so adorable, but my picks are B or H and P.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you for this at 5:39 PM. B or O made my heart smile.

  5. C and H are my picks.

    Yes, can we each enter Stella with one of the pictures and then bask in the gift certificate glory.

    Over-Thinker ~ Don't hate her because she's beautiful. Sorry, hair product commercials are trapped in my head. I will be 80 with Alzheimer and I won't remember my own name but I'll remember tag line.

  6. I love B. And H. I love them all, actually. But I think my favorite is B. I think P is my favorite for "Most Affectionate Pet."

  7. Thank you for the cutest post I've ever seen. Seriously cheered me up!
    G and P, for sure.

  8. 2 things:
    How has Ben not chimed in on this yet???

    Also, did you make Shawn a sandwich?

  9. Oh my goodness. Can i have your puppy? Stella is the cutest ever. And i love the fact that a new puppy is a present for the two of you. Heck yes for a new puppy! As for the voting, for the cutest category, i say either C or G..or maybe J. My heart melted for all of them. For the affectionate category, N or P.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  10. Alice: I have no idea how I'm going to choose. It was hard enough going through my thousands of pictures to choose these.

    Over-Thinker: The rules are very strict - only 1 entry per category per pet. Punishable by death.

    Sharon: Thanks!

    July: Thanks! and you're welcome!

    J: Ha, nice!

    Jane: I love them all too. I really don't know how I'll choose.

    Georgia: I'm so surprised that you're the first to vote for G - I love G!

    Over-Thinker: I know, right? Ben, why do you hate me? And no, I didn't make Shawn a sandwich. I never make Shawn a sandwich.

    Lauren: Thanks for the input! I'm pretty sure I won't be getting another puppy. A girl can dream though, right?

  11. I cannot pick. Seriously. I tried to make a list of my favourites...and they all are perfect.

    The one of you two sleeping is pretty precious though.

    Also. How did I miss the type on Shawn's shirt about the sandwich? Perfect.

  12. You can't honestly make us decide! Those are the cutest (and funniest) photos!

  13. This is my favourite post of yours of all time and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

    B is the best for the adorable tongue action. Although G is awesome for "awwwww" factor.

  14. B, H and K are my faves. you seriously have one precious puppy, good luck!

  15. First, you're right. Way too many cute pictures of Stella. She's a doll. I could drink her up like a, well, like a Stella. =)

    Cutest pup: I vote for C, G or H. Those eyes, oh my!

    And most affectionate pup: I vote N.

  16. how the hell am i supposed to pick just one?!?! that is IMPOSSIBLE!

  17. I think I might be hyperventilating a little bit over here.
    So hard.
    But I love her little tongue poking out-so B for cutest baby.
    And I think pets sleeping in your arms is probably one of the nicest feelings in the world-so P for most affectionate!

  18. puuppppppy! so cute.

    Okay... I like D and H for the first ones..

    and N and O for the last. K is super hilarious though.

  19. B, K, N and P.

    Oh my gosh, so hard to chooose!

  20. There are too many good ones! But for the fact that it clearly violates the spirit of the contest, I would suggest creating a collage of the cutest ones and put them in one photo.

    Not that this is much help but I would go with B, C, G, H or J from the cutest ones and with N or P from the affectionate ones.

  21. i vote for H and N. thanks for giving me so many choices, a-hole. :) do you have ANY idea how hard it was to pick????

    i guess that was the point of your post.

  22. Angella: I can't choose either!

    Ashley: Thank you!

    Ben: Ha, tongue action. Nice.

    Katelin: Thank you! I told Shawn my master plan last night and he was all "I hope you win. But we're still not getting another puppy." Heartless.

    Nilsa: Those eyes get her out of SO MUCH TROUBLE.

    Alexa: I know!! I am having such a tough time narrowing it down.

    Meg: I love sleeping with her curled up in my arms ... until she starts with the nasty puppy farts.

    Maxie: Thanks!

    Doahleigh: Short and sweet - I like it!

    Jamie: There is no way I'll be able to choose. Every time I decide on one I change my mind. It's too hard!

    Tiny E: I like it! Maybe I'll create a mutha effin' montage!

    Jess: Totally the point!! I tried to narrow down the choices as much as possible. You have no idea how many photos I started with!!

  23. B or E! And N. What a cutie!

  24. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. wow. she's just an amazingly adorable dog. i vote for N,P,M or C. in that order.

  25. Um, just so you know, these super cute photos of Stella are not distracting us from the fact that you haven't posted pictures of your hair. Just so you know, we're onto this ruse.

  26. Oh my gosh these are cute. I love D & G for the first category, and N & P for the second. SOOO adorable.

  27. Um, all of them?! Or D, H, N or P.

    On second though, just submit all of them. So cute!

  28. I like E, H, and G best for "cutest".

  29. love them!

    I vote A, J, L and N

    also, great idea on entering her with "other" names!

  30. They ALL melt my heart. But if I have to choose, probably A or I.

  31. B or H!

    Man, you just increased the intensity of my puppy fever by like 800 degrees. (No pets allowed... stupid landlord.)

  32. I love them all. C or H. Seriously Stella will win.

  33. Your pup is so fricken' adorable! :)
    My picks (and I COMPLETELY understand why you were having such a tough time choosing one!) would be C and either N or P. So cute!

  34. Aww, P is so cute! :-)

    Too Shy to Stop writer Ana Richters just wrote a piece about pet contests too! You can read the article here.