Tuesday, 16 September 2008

ABC 123 Baby You And Me Girl - Part 6

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Photographs: We decided to do the photos before the wedding started. I really dislike being at a wedding and having it broken up by three hours of photographs. Also, we really didn't want to miss any of our own wedding. We decided to do the photos at Stanley Park because there are so many picturesque spots. I didn't count on the traffic jam we ended up getting stuck in though. This meant that we were a bit rushed, but we ended up with a lot of great shots. Also, it was freaking hot out and we probably wouldn't have lasted much longer in the sun anyway.

I was worried about the pictures because Shawn's Mom had requested that we stagger it so that she wouldn't be there at the same time as Shawn's Dad. We needed everyone to go at the same time though, because the park is so large and parking is difficult and it would be such a waste of time if someone got lost. Everything was fine though; Angella even got Shawn's Mom and Dad in a picture together. Granted they're not standing beside each other, but who cares? They're in the same photo and they're both smiling. No-one saw that one coming.

We did the photos with the parents first so they could leave and go back to the pub.

That's when things got fun. We headed out to the Rose Garden (which was surprisingly empty) and took some photos.

That's when we noticed the motorcycle cops. Good times were had by all.

Questions: I can't think of a "Q" category, so it will have to be "questions." If anyone has wedding-related questions, I'll answer them in the comments.

Rehearsal dinner: We didn't have one. We didn't have access to the pub. We didn't want to pay the commissioner a rehearsal fee. Shawn's parents couldn't handle being together in such a small group. I was fine having no rehearsal dinner - it meant that the night before the wedding Shawn and I had a nice, quiet dinner together. It would have been smart to have some sort of run-through though. We were pretty disorganized when it came to the actual ceremony. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we figured out the walking order in the stairwell, as the processional music was already playing. That was my true bridezilla moment. I was snappy and churlish and had to do some serious apologizing to my parents and Best Ladies after the ceremony was over.


  1. Oh, I completely understand disorganized walking orders / entrances. Who knew it was so complicated?

  2. That was totally my Bridezilla moment too!! Everybody was waiting for me to tell them what to do. We had already had a rehearsal, it was a teeny tiny wedding, and the music had started. Walk! How hard is that?

    So yeah. Moments before a wedding are probably never really very nice.

  3. My cousin didn't have a rehearsal either. It ended with us not knowing who was walking with who back up the aisle. Five minutes before the actual wedding we found it. At least it turned out alright!

  4. That's exactly why we're having our formal portraits before the ceremony - so we can spend more time with family and friends. And thank you for confirming the necessity of a rehearsal. I'm glad we're having one! My question to you: What is the order for the processional?

  5. I think it's very commendable that Shawn's parents managed to be in a photo together. It was extremely awkward at my brother's wedding, for that very reason. My parents hadn't spoken in about 6 years, since I was in the hospital due to my little depression problem. I'm glad for your sakes that they were able to handle that little amount of time together!
    Q=Quirky family/favours, Quiet dinner with Shawn, Questionable actions?

  6. firstly, excellent use of the word churlish! :-)

    i am STILL jealous of your motorcycle cop photos, despite the fact that i don't actually have any wedding photos of my own to compare them too.

    man, i can't imagine having parents THAT at odds with each other. i've known some very-not-thrilled exes, but not wanting to be in the same park at the same time, at their son's wedding... oh my.

  7. i love how divorced parents can't seem to suck it up for their kid's wedding day. i will never do this to my kids. i'm their mom, but HE is their dad. and it's THEIR day. so there.

  8. You are so beautiful, it's killing me!! I love the photo of you writing a ticket to Shawn. Could you maybe print me off a copy? Maybe an 8 1/2 by 11 and send it to me for Christmas? Hmm? That's not asking much is it? I mean, it's not like you haven't mailed me like a zagajillion pieces of loveliness in the last two months. BUT I WANT MORE!!!!

    P.S. You are damn skippy, Canada's postal service kicks the State's postal service ASS. Have the beans arrived YET??

  9. True confession time.

    When Shawn's Mom and I were at the pub beforehand, I tried to pull the common card.

    "So you're a M****?"

    Since it was my maiden name and all.

    Then I got an earful about how she was NO LONGER a M**** and how she was glad to be rid of the name.

    Me = FAIL at connecting.

  10. Leftlane: I was not expecting it to be so complicated. I guess because I wasn't expecting to feel so stressed.

    J: Good one!

    Tara: I agree - I was fine right up until the wedding actually started. Then I was a mess!

    Lauren: Yeah, not having a rehearsal was not the smartest thing to do. Hindsight is 20/20 though, right?

    Nilsa: Our order was really simple because we didn't have a lot of attendants. The guys went out first, when the marriage commissioner did. The music started and then it went Best Lady who wasn't a sister (though this was a bit silly because Turtle was my witness so she probably should have stood next to me - I just didn't want to piss off Bow), Big Sister, Little Sister, then me and my parents.

    Meg: Questionable actions - good one! I should do a Q redo.

    Alice: Churlish is one of my favourite words!

    Jess: It's tough - they've been divorced for a long time and there's still a lot of animosity. I was just a bit upset because I felt like they should be able to fake it for 1 day. For Shawn's sake.

    Over-Thinker: You crack me up. I will get right on it. Also? NO BEANS!

    Angella: I AM SO SORRY!

  11. I've decided that you need to do another R for RINGS!! WE NEED TO SEE IT!