Sunday, 31 August 2008

ABC 123 Baby You And Me Girl - Part 3

Wedding Recap A - D can be found here.
Wedding Recap E - H can be found here.
Invitations: Brown and Ivory. We printed them from a kit we bought, thinking we'd save a tonne of money. The money saved was not worth the angst that resulted from assembling them. Shawn and I almost didn't get married due to the wedding-invitation-assembly. Okay that's a slight exaggeration but I did have a major meltdown that included a lecture on Responsible Fast Food Consumption in Proximity to Wedding Invitations. Not my finest moment.

Jam: Our favours. I wanted our favours to be thoughtful, homemade, and consumable. I was also really excited about having a cheesy tagline. Jam was perfect because it covered all those requirements. I had only ever made freezer jam before but switching over to canned jam wasn't too difficult. After making multiple batches of jam (strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, rhubarb orange, rhubarb pineapple, mint, apple, kiwi ) I am now an expert at canning jam. Even though the canning was the most time consuming, the most satisfying part of our favour? The label. I love the label.

Kiss: We should have practiced our kiss. It was a bit awkward. Noses were smushed. Lips were pursed (I was so against wedding-kiss-tongue. Which resulted in a weird closed-mouth kiss.)Shawn had a few drinks before the ceremony so immediately after the kiss I told him he tasted like beer. It was pretty classy. It was also pretty long, judging from the seven photos Angella was able to snap.
Wedding Recaps to continue when we're home from Montreal. Hope everyone is having a fabulous long weekend!


  1. LOVE the labels on your jam. Reminds me of our wedding DJ who works for a company called Toast and Jam. Get it?

  2. Your favors were so cute. Great idea!

    Also, I recommended your blog for Blog Day!

  3. oh my gosh, i'm an idiot. wrong link!

  4. Hillary: Your wedding was beautiful! My sister just got married and I feel like I am listening to her all over again in your wedding recap. The stress is just insane and my sister had basically the same type of wedding---not to flashy and it was their style and not anyone else's.

  5. I LOVED your party favours. I can't even remember what mine WERE. Wait. We gave out bubbles. LAME.

    Your idea was way cooler.


  6. I love the smushed kiss! Our kiss was a bit weird, too. Maybe cause my Grandma was sitting in the front row going "Awwwww!" REALLY loud.

    And your jam idea was seriously the coolest. Like Angella, I was trying to remember what we gave out and then I remembered: Nothing.


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  8. Just catching up on the A to Z- beautiful!!

  9. HAHAHA! thanks for jamming with us?!?! LOVE.

  10. OMG. Please do a review of the penis enhancing product. PLEASE.