Saturday, 30 August 2008

Better Leave Her Behind Where The Kids Are Alright

I'm in Montreal right now, likely eating my weight in poutine. I'm posting here today; go check it out and find out why I shouldn't have kids.

Stella is enjoying the long weekend at Shawn's mom's house. Right about now she's probably sneaking up on Cleo (Shawn's mom's 10-year old whippet) and jumping on her back, ninja-style. That's how she rolls.


  1. I love how she's looking at Shawn like, "Whatchoo talkin' bout??"

    Have fun in Poutine-land!

  2. I finally looked up poutine and then subsequently saw it on a local menu. Looks sinfully good!

    PS - Check out my blog today (Sunday) for some bloggy love sent your way.

  3. But can you imagine the funny blog posts you could have if you had children *and* a puppy? Good God, the neuroses would abound.