Friday, 29 August 2008

Yup I Could Tap That

You know how there are different relationships you have with the people you work with? There are the people who have authority over you so you're forced to respect them. There are the people you loathe. The people you fear. And then there's the people you actually like. People who you might be friends with in real life. People you grab lunch with, joke around with, snark about your crazy coworkers with.

One of those people just called me. He's on his way to a meeting and he forgot the name of the person he needs to speak to. That person's name is Tap. We had a wonky connection though, so coworker couldn't hear me that well.

"Tack?" he says, "like thumbtack?"

"No," I reply "Tap. Like I'd tap that."

And then I remember that I'm at work. In an open concept office space.

Welcome to my mortification.


  1. Tap dancing never came to mind? Wow a woman who thinks like me!


  2. haha that is totally something i would say too.

  3. Hilarious! Well, hopefully the people who heard you were the ones you hate and not the ones who have authority over you. :-)

  4. Hahaha. That's awesome! That's something I definitely would do...and only realize it much later.

  5. I love that "I'd Tap That." is the first thing that came to least you omitted the "ass" from the end of that sentence.

    Because, now, if you get accused of sexual harassment, you can just say, "Didn't you hear me say KEG? Because I totally said, 'I'd tap that KEG.'"

  6. bwahahahhaa. exactly what i would have said - open office or not.