Saturday, 1 November 2008

One Life But We're Not The Same

Last night was fabulous. We made our homemade pizza (it was surprisingly easy and so worth the effort.)

My family is planning a surprise birthday party for my Mom. We've decided to have a lemon drop martini station but we don't have a recipe. Shawn and I took one for the team and set about finding the perfect combo of vodka, lemonade, fresh lemon juice and triple sec. We're selfless like that. Selfless and hungover, today.

We watched the Canucks beat Anaheim 7 - 6 in one of the most entertaining hockey games I've seen in a long time.

Stella cleaned the kitchen table for us.

She didn't get in trouble because we were already a few drinks in.

We dressed Stella up as a Moo Cow for Hallowe'en (just because I was boycotting doesn't mean that Stella wasn't forced to participate.)

Our non-Hallowe'en was a perfect night.


  1. Hmm, it looks like it ate my comment. I was saying that your evening sounded fantastic. Mine was similar - I had a frozen pizza and made way too many rum & Diet Coke's. The game was so fun to watch, wasn't it?! I loved it!

  2. Share the pizza recipe. K. Thanks.

    P.S. cowdog looked amazing.

    P.P.S. My word verification: mislaser

  3. I'm ordering pizza now that I seen this because I'm lazy and dude, that looks good.

    Stella is so cute. Edie was a devil for like 3.2 seconds. Pics on the blog!

  4. Internet detective would like to know why you don't have your wedding ring on in all of the photos.

    Over-Thinker would like to know that pizza recipe. Over-Thinker loves cheese and bread. Over-Thinker has birthing hips.

  5. You three are an adorable family of epic proportions. Adopt me?

  6. I came really close to getting Bailey a cow costume for Halloween, but I decided I'd better get something he couldn't wriggle out of. Stella looks fabulous.


    Stella is my favourite dog. Ever.

  8. i love homemade pizza. do you make your own dough, too? don't post the recipe for me...i have one. but it looks like others want it...

  9. Delicious looking pizza! And that cow costume is adorable on Stella!

  10. Sounds a lot like our Halloween. Only we didn't drink. We didn't watch hockey. And we most certainly didn't dress up our dog (my Sweets would never allow for it). But, we did relax at home. =)

  11. Yeah, where's the wedding ring?

  12. Awwwww Stella is adorable!!! Such a cutie!

    That does like a perfect halloween. :)