Sunday, 9 November 2008

Poor Little Bug On The Wall

So this whole posting every day thing becomes more difficult when all you've done all day is lay about in your pyjamas and wish for death. 

There is a slight possibility I had too much to drink last night (oh and if I either a: commented on your blog, b: emailed you, or c: facebooked you, I'm sorry. Please disregard everything I said.)

I woke up this morning hungover with a cold as an added bonus. A cold that is preventing me from eating anything because my throat! The pain! 

Hangover + no food + nasty head cold = Hillary stays in bed all day watching copious amounts of television. It's a damn good thing I had so much on the PVR. I haven't watched a rerun yet today and that becomes so much more impressive when you know that it's 5pm now and I woke up at 8am because my dog is a needy asshole (seriously, can she not hold it until a more respectable hour? Like afternoon?) 

I have to go now. The Amazing Race is about to start and even though I have a rule against watching tv in real time (I do not watch commercials,) it's either that or start watching Shawn's pvr-ed shows (yes that is a verb.) I don't think I've reached the point of watching Top Gear yet. I'd rather sleep.


  1. my PVR level has gotten to the point where even if I'm watching them "live" I'm still taping them.
    Sad eh?

    PS: Those blondes are beyond dumb. I'm beginning to think they don't know how to read....

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! I've been sick this weekend as well. Not a lot of fun. Thankfully I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday, so I'll hopefully be over this by then.

    I wish I had PVR so I could watch shows whenever, and tape them. I do have a VCR, but it's as old as the hills and doesn't like to tape properly any more.

  3. what does the P stand for? we have a DVR - so i wonder what you canadians call the best invention on earth?

    lolz on the vodka.

  4. ps we love the amazing race! did you watch it last season?

  5. The "P" stands for "Personal" ... I think.

    Does the D stand for Digital, in your case?

  6. I think PVR will be in my life before 2009. That means I may very well never see the newf again.

  7. Ack! Feel better soon!

    Drink lots and lots of tea. And eat cheese. It helps in its own special way.

  8. Crikey--colds are wankers.
    (end Brit-speak)

    How about a little hair of the dog? Hmm?

    Besides our pickle difference...I must confess: Never have I seen The Amazing Race.

    I love your drunk comments/e-mails/greeting cards. Keep 'em coming (OT doesn't think that will a problem...)

  9. oh man... actual illness mixed with hangover = INHUMANE. i hope the solid day of tv helped :-)

  10. yes, here in america, the D is for digital.

  11. fuck, that's definitely the lamest hangover present.
    pardon my language, i just got exhausted all of a sudden. it makes me talk like a sailor