Saturday, 8 November 2008

The City Is Flowing Through You That's What You've Become

Turtle and I saw David Usher play at the Commodore last night.

It was fabulous. 

I may have a tiny crush on David Usher.

And by "tiny crush" I mean "raging boner."

That voice! The hair! Those arms!

Yes, please.

Come back soon, David!


  1. Great photos! I love the different coloured lights - so pretty!

  2. Faffin' A. HOT.

    P.S. There's something about him that reminds me of Shawn...are you sure Shawn isn't a fake name for David Usher? Are you secretly married to David Usher?

  3. Sharon: The lighting was so fun!

    Over-Thinker: Not unless Shawn is half asian and I just never noticed.

  4. what is up with all the colors of the rainbow in the background? lol.

  5. Hills--what??? I must google-up some photos of David Usher. BRB.


    OT doing Celebrity-Civilian Comparison= FAIL.

  6. I'm so not over David Usher, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    He's in the Top 5 of the Much Music Countdown of my heart.

  7. LOL This cracked me up. I don't know who he is, but he obviously should be giving me a boner as well. I'm off to google him now.