Saturday, 29 November 2008

Oh The Good Old Hockey Game

Shawn is out enjoying a boys' night so I'm stuck at home with the puppies, trying to watch the Canucks game and not lose my mind. Contrary to popular belief, two puppies does not equal two times the fun. Two puppies equals two times the pee and two times the poop and roughly ten times the noise and craziness. Bringing home a new puppy has made me realize that if Shawn and I ever decide to switch to human babies, we should probably stick to having just one. I say this because Wolfgang has been with us for four days and I kind of don't like him. Isn't that horrible? I'd elaborate but someone (the bad one, aka the one who still has his jerkface extra-pointy baby teeth) is chewing my typing hand. 


  1. but he's so cuuuuuuteeee....

    do you walk them? or are they paper trained? or what? i'm dying to know.

  2. lol Yep! This sounds about right!

    What we did was keep the little one in a pen inside the house for the first month or so. It helps them get the idea that the pen is an extension of the crate, and they shouldn't pee in either - and we gradually opened up the house to them that way, along with play times together.

    Have fun! And don't walk the baby too soon! I think you're meant to wait at least until they're 10 or 12 weeks before you start exercising them like that.

  3. I sure remember those sharp teeth--good GOD, they're weapons of mass destruction. Good thing it's just a stage.

    And is Shawn unaware that he can't have fun without you (a.k.a. "Boys Nights") until WG is like 5 years old?

  4. Oh MAN puppies are so much work (but so cute!). If you do it right though, you can have the worst parts over in a month, guaranteed! I grew up in a dog household, and after 20+ years (70+ if you include my dad) we've perfected it :) Congrats on the new one - he's adorable!

  5. haha... for me, when i added a new kitten, it inexplicably TRIPLED the poop output. she's a freaking pooping machine, that little one.