Monday, 24 November 2008

I Know The Way You Feel Like The Rains Outside

Yesterday we took Stella to the dog park with Shawn's mom's dog to enjoy the fact that it's November and it's not raining. This November has been unusually dry; I feel like I shouldn't even type that because I'm sure to wake up to torrential rain tomorrow.

Shawn's mom's dog, Cleo, is some sort of whippet cross so she loves to run. She would do these leisurely laps around the park and Stella would be running full-tilt trying to keep up. It was pretty humourous.

Cleo waited until Stella caught up to her and then took off

These pictures are a bit too small to tell, but I tried to capture the adorable floppiness of Stella's ears when she runs. Also, the skin roll - she hasn't fully grown into her skin so she's got this extra skin flap that rolls forward and back when she runs quickly.

the skin roll

the ear flap

Stella's angry face

nose to the ground in true beagle fashion

Cleo is really patient but she does have her limits; when Stella pushes her too far, Cleo pins her to the ground and reminds her who's in charge

the park was huge but Stella just want to play in the one mud puddle she could find


  1. Reading your blog gets me so excited to get a dachshund.

  2. aw they are just so cute. looks like a lovely afternoon.

  3. how big is stella? 16 pounds or so? i pictured her much smaller, but i think i've underestimated her size.

  4. Those are fantastic pictures! Stella looks like she enjoyed herself.

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    All of our off leash parks aren't fenced in so we can't take the boys, but it looks like you guys had a great time!

  6. Stella is adorable!! Have I said that one too many times? Well she is!

  7. Looks like a fun-filled day at the park with super cute puppies! =)

  8. We think our SoMi has either a little Whippet or a little Greyhound in her. Either way, she's a runner, too.

  9. How fun is that?? I love the photo of Cleo giving Stella the business.