Friday, 31 October 2008

Diet Coke And A Pizza Please

My thoughts are all over the place. Consider yourself warned.

Friday Randomness:

Stella graduated last night. She has now completed Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy School Level 1 Obedience. We're taking a bit of a break from puppy school for now. Stella spends most of the class running around with the other puppies and she can do that for free at the dog park. Also, we're trying to cut back on all of our "luxury items" right now and I'm totally willing to give up Stella's schooling before I give up colouring my hair. Momma needs new highlights.

* * *

Somehow The Over-Thinker has convinced me to post every day in November. Get ready for a whole lot of babble.

* * *

Shawn and I are boycotting Hallowe'en this year. Last year we went all out - medieval-themed costumes, drunken pumpkin carving, raging house party, packed club. This year we feel old and grinchy. Last year we still lived downtown. This year we would either have to head home when the last train leaves at 1am or pay $40 for a cab ride to the 'burbs. It's a cold, rainy day in Vancouver today and the thought of slogging through hoards of people and trying to stay warm in my Wonder Woman costume is not appealing to me at all. Shawn doesn't even have a costume. Instead, we are planning to make home-made pizza (from scratch! even the crust! hold me) and watch the Canucks game. I still want to carve a pumpkin but that would entail going to the store and buying a pumpkin and I just might be too lazy to do attempt it.

* * *

When people leave questions in your comments, or leave a comment that you want to comment on, what do you do? Do you answer them in your comments? Do you email them directly? I am not the most computer-literate person. I know that you enter your email address when you leave a comment, but sometimes I will go to reply and the email address is listed as "noreply@blogger" or whatever. Sometimes I can reply by email with no issue. This has been nagging at me lately; I leave questions on other blogs - sometimes I get an email reply and sometimes I have to remember to keep checking back to see if the blogger has answered back in their own comments section. My brain is a little melty. What do you do?

Answers to the questions from the comment section of my last post:

Georgia, no I have not seen Spaced. The reason I asked is that I love British television. My favourite show is Green Wing (even though it's not on anymore. So sad.) Whenever I hear someone refer to their favourite British tv show, I secretly hope they are talking about Green Wing.

Qtilla, The Mentalist is really good. I've watched every episode so far and am really enjoying it. It helps that Simon Baker is gorgeous and his voice is like butter. After watching the first episode I was a bit undecided. I thought the last scene was creeeepy. I don't want to give the story away to people who haven't watched it yet but are planning to, so I'll just say that the storyline they introduced in the first episode (the lame-o back-story about Simon Baker's character) hasn't made an appearance in any episode since. Give it another shot!

Doahleigh, a drum clinic is when a drummer explains his technique, his gear, his preferences, etc. Shawn played bass to his buddy's drumming so that it was more like a show and less like a guy just going nuts on his drums.

Cory, a multi-card reader is on my Christmas wish-list. I'm grounded from shopping for myself until after Christmas. And I know that the cable is in the house somewhere. I'm just messy.

* * *

Westy is in town with his hockey team this weekend. They lost their game last night but hopefully they will win on Saturday and Sunday. When they win their coach lets them go out for meals with their families. When they lose the coach banishes them to their hotel rooms and they aren't allowed contact with anyone other than teammates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they win - Stella loves her Uncle Westy and wants to hang out with him. And by "hang out" I mean "bite him."

Happy Hallowe'en!!


  1. I have the same issues as you re. the Let me know what you find out.

  2. Hmmm...that's a good question. Sometimes I leave comments/answers in my comments section (although I'm rarely ever asked anything). It's hard to email back because as you said there's the whole thingy.

    Happy Halloween!!

    And yes, Simon Baker is HAWT!

  3. 1. Your Halloween plans are exactly how I want my night to go. Instead, I'm being forced, FORCED, to dress up and go out and drink. A big pot of homemade chili, hot toddies, Goonies, and someone to suggle up with sounds so much better. Maybe next year.

    2. I too am totally unsure of how to respond to comment questions, as well as to nice comments. I usually just post my own comment with my response, but I always figure that no one reads them...but if I don't do it I feel like a jerk! One blogger always emails me her response and it makes me feel very special...I'm too lazy for that, though. I wish blogger had a feature that let you respond directly to a specific comment.

  4. when i respond/answer a question, i try to respond via email and on the post. usually i can do both. if i can't because they gave me the "" addy, then i just leave the answer in comments on my post.

  5. "This has been nagging at me lately; I leave questions on other blogs - sometimes I get an email reply and sometimes I have to remember to keep checking back to see if the blogger has answered back in their own comments section. My brain is a little melty. What do you do?" Well I email the person or leave a comment on their blog. Its hard to keep up with 2 dozen different blogs not to mention checking the comment sections to see if you responded to my question.

    Oh and and that sucks to hear your Halloween is all wet and sucky out there. Its clear skys and sunny in Indiana :-( none the less I'm going to a basketball game at work and then drinking beer till my socks fall off at home with my lady.

  6. I just ate pizza and diet coke for lunch, and it was amazing!

    I usually answer the questions via e-mail since I know I very rarely check back on posts that I've commented on.

    Happy weekend!

  7. I hate Blogger for this. Wordpress, let's you keep track of replies to comments you've made all from one handy screen, much like Flickr. Blogger has no such easy solution. This and the blogs I'm following integration into Reader that does not really work correctly, make me very annoyed.

    Sorry, I digressed. I often answer it in the comments or I email. However, if enough people ask, I may write a separate post.

  8. The boyfriend & I are also staying in tonight and boycotting Halloween. How funny because we are also making homemade pizza with a homemade whole wheat crust! What kind are ya'll making? We are doing a bbq chicken pizza (the boyfriend's fav) and a chicken caprese for myself. We rented "the happening" and "spanglish" (he has never seen spanglish & i love it). We are too old for the drunken downtown antics...

    I used to comment back to people via a comment but I figured I hated having to always go back and check people's blogs so I've started e-mailing back instead.

  9. Homemade pizza from scratch (even the crust!) is the bestest thing evar. We make it all the time. Though the dough may take longer to rise than you expect if it's chilly outside; start it earlier than you think you need to or you may be eating much later than you want to.

    I usually respond to questions in the comments section, but I know most of the people who read my blog personally because it's such a tiny, tiny slice of intarweb. Maybe I should email people instead?

  10. There is a Wordpress plugin that lets you reply in the comment AND it emails the commenter.

    I'm trying to get better at it...

  11. This will not make me look good, but when somebody leaves me a comment that would make me look bad I reply in the comments so everyone can see that I'm not that bad.

    If I have something to say that I don't want to throw out to the interwebs I email them.

    Say you leave me a comment, and say you are coming to San Francisco, and I decide to invite you to my house. I would e-mail you about that rather than respond to your comment. In a separate window I'd go to your blog and poke around it to find your email address, then go back to the first window (all comments made on my blog are e-mailed to me) and FORWARD your comment to you, with my response on top.

    Hope that made sense. If not, comment on my blog and I'll go do it so you'll see what I mean.

  12. I hope the boycott went well! I think that, for some reason, if I lived in Vancouver I would do the exact same thing. Handing out candy on Commercial just doesn't seem the same.

    For comments with questions I e-mail back, I had a blogger blog for a little while and I had it e-mail me comments, and I was somehow able to get the e-mail addresses out of those e-mails. I've found it did crazy things for community building. I don't e-mail people anymore if they don't respond one or two times.

    Generally I add a closing statement and answer any questions on posts after a few days so that if someone goes back and asked a specific question it's there- I can't check blogs at work really so the e-mailing seems to level things out in terms of audience relations because it's a lot more personal.

  13. i struggle with the whole comment issues too. I find people respond to my Q's in thier comments.. so if i really care - i just go back and look to see if it was answered... If its important I tell them to e-mail me in the comment...

    And so as others do to me - i just answer their questions in the comments... unless I can work it into a comment on a recent post of theirs.

  14. When you get a noreply@ that means they haven't enabled their e-mail to show in their blogger profile. I helped someone with this the other day.

    They can go into their profiles and click on the check box that says show my e-mail address. That should allow you to e-mail them a reply instead of the noreply crap.

  15. I love that you guys spell it Hallowe'en--so British-y in a wanker sort of way! High-falutin' you be!

    Yay Stella! Yay highlights!

    I boycotted HW this year, too. But only because C was working and because I don't have a Wonder Woman 'stume. Although, I do have red underwear and a gold headband. I think I could have gone as WonderWhore! Dammit...well, there's always next year.

    Westy is hot. Westy is hot. Westy is the besty, that's all I've got.

    Yay November! Yay posting!!! Yay vodka!!

  16. I hate the "no reply blogger" thing. Blogger needs a better way! I usually try email first,but if I get the no reply thing, i just go to their blog and comment on the most recent post with my response... I always assume no one rereads the comment section once they comment.