Thursday, 9 October 2008

With Such Confusion Don't It Make You Wanna Scream

This morning I needed to be at work half an hour earlier than usual. I got out of bed twenty minutes later than I usually do. This is why math is not my friend.

The train was full. The woman jammed up next to me kept coughing on me. Each time she did it I would have an inner meltdown as I screamed at her (in my head) to cover her damn mouth. And then she spat on me. It wasn't an intentional spit, it was mid-cough. But there was definite bodily fluids involved - more than a spray - and it landed on my face. ON MY FACE.

I got to work late. I took a pile of work home with me last night to do and, umm, watched America's Next Top Model instead (but wow, am I ever glad I didn't miss last night's episode. When they announced who was leaving, I actually shouted, "FINALLY!" at my tv.) So not only was I late this morning, I was unprepared.

Stella has puppy school tonight. I hate puppy school. Stella hates puppy school. Last week a snarky little fluffball bit Stella - hard. The fluffball has serious aggression issues. I think it stems from the fact that she's named Mirage.

None of this matters. Nothing can bring me down today. Today is the Canucks Season Opener. After puppy school, I will join my friends at our skanky neighbourhood pub (the one with the jungle mural on one wall and the fake bamboo decor) and watch the Calgary Flames lose miserably. Hells. Yes.


  1. Ugh. I hate it when days go that way. Hopefully yours will improve soon! And yes, w00t for the season opener - cannot WAIT to see Calgary get their asses handed to them!

  2. EW. That's just gross. I think I would have kicked her. Or something. What's wrong with people?!

  3. You totally should have coughed back on her face. What a dirty biatch. Eww!

    Hope the rest of the day goes better and your Canucks win tonight!

  4. you can have my cold. i feel like shit.

    go canucks!

    p.s. ur word verification is damn ridiculous: bqjqgup (and it's all smashed together - i can barely read it.)

    update: i typed it wrong. i got a new captcha... go me!

  5. i WISH i could be watching hockey.
    please nap for me this weekend!

  6. People who do not cover their mouths when they cough are wrong, wrong, wrong. If my four year old son can do it, I'm confident that the woman next to you on the train can do it, too.