Friday, 3 October 2008

I Guess I'm A Toy That Is Broken

Last week I posted about how we had disposed of our old furniture in anticipation of getting our new furniture. Our couch showed up soon after but our table was a no-show. Apparently the table was broken in the delivery truck. This made my head melt for 2 reasons:

1 - Isn't the whole point of paying for delivery that you don't have to strap your new furniture onto the roof of your car with bungee cords, thereby ensuring you receive your goods unbroken?


2 - We had the salesman check the stock before buying the table. We were told it was in stock and we would have it within the week.

I wasn't home when the delivery was made, but Shawn said that the delivery guys brought up the couch, told him the table was broken and didn't both bringing up the chairs. Shawn never saw the table. This feels shady to me because it's logical (at least to me it is) to leave the chairs so that you don't have to cart them back to the warehouse. Shawn never saw the broken table so he couldn't confirm that there was a table at all.

I know I sound paranoid, but it's only because of what happened next.

The delivery guys told Shawn that he needed to call the salesman to order a new table as they couldn't just go pick one up for us. So Shawn calls the guy and he tells Shawn that our table, our broken table, was the last one they had in stock. Uh huh. Not only that, the table is back-ordered. We can put ourselves on the list but it will be 4 - 6 weeks before we receive a new table.

Maybe I am being paranoid but I feel like the situation is sketchy. I feel manipulated by the salesman, who only made the sale based on the availability of the stock. I feel like he lied, and made up the broken table story to cover his lie. I'm pissed off because we bought the couch because we had already decided to buy the table and chairs and the store's delivery policy is that you pay one fee and you can have as much delivered as possible. We knew we were going to replace our couch within the year so we figured to just do it now and not have to pay another delivery fee a few months down the line.

Our options were limited because we accepted delivery of the couch. We could cancel our order and then have to go through the pain of furniture shopping again (and pay a delivery fee somewhere else.) We could return the couch but forfeit our delivery fee because the couch was delivered and signed for. We could put ourselves on the list for the table and hope to receive it before Christmas. Or we could call the salesman and bitch. We chose to bitch. This resulted in our chairs being delivered the following day (our counter has a large overhang for the purpose of sitting at it so we bought a counter-height table and chairs.) We have allegedly been moved to the top of the list for getting the table but I have my doubts.


  1. i think bitching was totally the right way to go here. i hope they sketchily come up with another table just as sketchily as yours didn't show ;-)

  2. I agree, bitching was the way to go. I hope they're not charging you more delivery fees, because it's THEIR fault they didn't deliver the table when they said they would!

  3. Sounds like somebody needs a lawyer.

  4. Totally sketchy. Seriously. Good for you for not taking crap.

  5. What you had to deal with just made my eyes roll out of my face. I hate those sort of situations

  6. No table? You should so get complimentary free delivery. I would bitch some more, as it is not your fault that they have to deliver the table again. They are the ones that broke it.

  7. You had every right to bitch. I would have taken the same steps as you. Here's hoping you have a new table by (U.S.) Thanksgiving!