Tuesday, 7 October 2008

There's No Art In A Broken Head All The Kids Are Staying Fat

We went to Montreal a month ago and I'm just getting around to posting about it now. I'm really efficient, can't you tell?

Our flight left Vancouver at 11pm and got to Montreal at 7:30am. It was horrible. Neither of us slept much during the flight so we were pretty wrecked when we arrived. Shawn's dad picked us up from the airport and took us straight to his house. His gorgeous house.

His gorgeous house that has a pond (and an Inukshuk!) in the back yard.

When we woke up, we spent some time with Shawn's dad's sweet pup, Angel.

Shawn's cousin picked us up and took us into Montreal for a night of mayhem. We started drinking around 7pm. We started off at his cousin's house as more cousins joined the mix. We then headed to the Irish Embassy for more beverages. After sitting for far too long, we decided to head to a club to do some dancing. I can't remember what the club was called but they played awesome music all night. It helped that Shawn's cousin went to school with the manager so we spent the night drinking in the VIP area. We left the club at 3 and began our quest for poutine.

Victory was ours.

We felt a bit rough the next day but there was no time to recuperate. Shawn's cousin drove us through old Montreal so we could take in the sights.

We made our way back to Shawn's dad's house by noon, ready for a much-needed nap. Except that Shawn's dad had invited his family over for a bbq. I was exhausted but I had such a good time. It was sunny and warm but not too humid. The neighbour manned the bbq all day and we had a steady stream of burgers and hotdogs and grillades, oh the grillades. I had never heard of grillades before. To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what it is now. It was some form of meat, cut in long strips, seasoned and cooked on the bbq. It was bacon-esque but not crispy. It kind of melted in your mouth.

The boys took a tour of the property while the ladies lounged in the sun. You couldn't tear me away from the grillades.

Before we left on Monday, Shawn's dad took us out for poutine.

Please note the look of bliss on Shawn's face.

I'm glad we went to Montreal to see Shawn's family but I'm glad we didn't stay for longer than 3 days. I ate so much while we were there that if we'd stayed for longer, I would have gained 30 lbs.


  1. That house?

    Is about as glorious as the pictured poutines.

  2. POUTINE!!! now that i've had it, i'm obsessed. WHY IS THIS NOT UNIVERSAL??

  3. I came back from lunch about half an hour ago and now I'm hungry again. I'd like me a taste of grillades! (Whatever it is!)

  4. I was just sent my first package of poutine mix. I'm SO EXCITED to make it. I can finally know what you Canadians have been talking about!

  5. I still think poutine is wrong, but I love the other photos ;)

  6. tasty.
    i'm hungry now.
    i want to live there.
    these people look interesting.
    my favorite photo is shawn bliss...it's like the mona lisa. you can't tell if he's glad, mad, horny, or asleep.

  7. That house is AMAZING!

    Poutine, on the other hand, totally confuses me. I think I will be making a stop in Canada on my (as yet non-existent, hopefully soonish though) world trip to find out what the fuss is about!

  8. that house is amazing. i love it.