Monday, 27 October 2008

Hope I've Lost Enough To Win You Back Your Prize

Hey, so remember when I was all "Wish me a happy birthday! I'll give you a present!" and then, uh, never chose a winner?

Situation = rectified.

Aine Caitriona, you are's chosen one.

In other birthday news, today is Stella's first birthday. When I find the stupid brand-specific usb cable for my camera, I will post a picture of her wearing the birthday sweater that Shawn's mom made for her. She loves it (and by "love" I mean "hates like she has never hated before.")


  1. Happy birthday Stella!

    All dogs love* clothes!

    * = no, no they don't and yet I for one continue to dress my dog up. And will FOREVER.

  2. aww happy birthday stella!! i am waiting with bated breath for the pictures :-)

  3. Our dog has a fleece coat. We put it on him one day last winter and let him in the yard. He came in with no coat. My husband found it stashed under a shrub.

  4. Yay for puppeh birthdays! Also, I'm happy that I won this and was linked on the same day that I wrote a post dedicated to my love of Boy George... it's totally a win-win!

  5. I was hoping stella would be the present :-( I want her!!!

    happy birthday, stella!

  6. Happy Birthday Stella!!!!
    I hope she gets a little puppy cake!