Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Remember The Arch Of Roses Right Above Your Couch

When Shawn I bought our condo, we decided that we didn't need a kitchen table. We decided to use that space for a small computer desk for my computer. Shawn's is set up in the den, or the 'conservatory' as we've started calling it (we're fancy like that.) We moved my computer into the conservatory a few weeks ago when we gave Shawn's computer to his dad. Thus began our search for a kitchen table.

It was a long, arduous search. There were a few tantrums. A few false alarms (we ordered the coolest table + bar stool set before we, um, measured the floor space. We were off by 8 inches. Order was canceled.) On Sunday, we found the perfect table + chair set. It was perfect on its own, but the 20% off + no sales tax certainly added to its appeal.

We were so high on the thought that we were finished furniture shopping, we bought a leather reclining sofa as well (sales people love us.) We had to get rid of our old sofa (the one that we bought "as is" 3 years ago - the one that a leg broke off of 2 years and 51 weeks ago) and computer desk so Shawn called a junk removal company yesterday. They took away the couch (Stella is so sad to lose her giant chew toy) and desk and a few other bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, we have yet to hear from the furniture store as to when our new items will be delivered. Which means that for now, our living room / kitchen looks like this:

It's so bright and airy, right? So spacious.

Don't mind the messy kitchen counter - it's Shawn's turn to do the dishes.
That's a total lie - we're just slobby.

Stella is very possessive of her chair. Sometimes she lets me sit on the footstool. Most of the time she just glares at me until I move.


  1. In the conservatory?? What are you, a game of Clue??

  2. Ben: We live in a 670 sq. ft. condo. It's pretty much one big room. We divide it up using fancy names to make ourselves feel better about the fact that we live in a shoebox. Now if you need me, I'll be sulking in my boudoir.

  3. You may not believe me, but your place looks super cute! I like small spaces. Because I'm a petite person. I can't handle huge houses.

    I hope that furniture stores delivers your stuff pronto.

  4. I love your floors. I can't wait until I can replace the carpet downstairs at my condo. Unfortunately, other expensive things keep breaking. Grr...

    How's the tendon doing?

  5. gah i want those floors too! my apt comes with hideous old crappy carpet, wall to wall. EW.

    i hope the furniture comes soon!!

  6. If I ever visit you I am going to steal Stella! ADORABLE.

  7. It didn't occur to you to wait until you had a confirmed couch delivery before getting rid of the old one, eh? Guess it's a little too late now...

  8. Stella's so sweet, sometimes sharing with you like that!

  9. hahaha i totally agree with ben, Clue was the first thing i thought of when you said it.

  10. I had a similar "transition" period last year. We ordered a new couch, promptly gave away our old one free on Craigslist... and then were quite annoyed to receive a call from the store saying there had been a mistake with our order and it would be THREE MORE WEEKS until we receive it.

    It's times like those that make you really appreciate cushy things for your butt to sit on.

  11. oh...and...dogs like leather furniture. microfiber instead? just a thought..

  12. this where i tell you the house we just bought is almost 2900 square feet?

    yeah, i didn't think so.