Friday, 1 May 2009

Yes, I'm Gonna Burn One Down

Friday Faff: Haiku Edition

Canucks, you scared me
last night. Giving up a three
goal lead in the third?

Not cool, Luongo.
Good thing Salo managed to
score a big goal. Yay!

One game down, three more
to go. Chicago won't know
what hit them. Go 'Nucks!

* * * * *

We will find out soon
if the wedding is still on
or if it's cancelled.

The Dominican
Republic is possible.
Or maybe Cuba.

I find myself way
too interested in what
the newscasters say.

Swine flu is not swine
flu? H1N1 Virus?
Is this important?

A flu by any
other name would suck as hard.
Call it what it is.

* * * * *

These are not Smarties.
Those are called Rockets. Believe
me, I know candy.


  1. While you hope the Chicago hockey team goes down, I'm hoping the Chicago basketball team loses.

    Also, I miss Smarties.

  2. What's up with all the hating on Chicago? Geez...

    BTW, my boss told me this one. So, apparently Jews and Muslims (as well as the pork industry) were taking offense at the name Swine Flu. So, when a leader in one of the above named sects was asked, well, if not the swine flu, then what should it be named? The person's response? Oh, I don't know, how about Mexican Flu since that's where it started. Ha.

  3. It's totally too late. It'll be forever known as the "swine flu."

    Hopefully you'll get to travel one way or another - either for the wedding, or your own trip!

  4. Sometimes around Halloween, we get Smarties (or Rockets, I suppose) that are made in Canada. They are much more delicious than American ones. I don't know why.


    And that last Haiku might be the best one I have ever read.