Friday, 15 May 2009

I Knew That To Keep In Touch Would Do Me Deep In Dutch

I am busy drinking too much and sunning myself in the Dominican Republic this week. Internet access is sparse and let's be honest, any time I spend on the internet is reserved for harassing my mom and Shawn's mom for puppy updates. Sooo ... in lieu of guest posters (because clearly I am not cool enough for guest posters) I have written about the bloggers I love and set my blog to post a new one daily. We all know that technology is not my strong point so I'm hoping I don't come home to find that my blog has imploded. Have a great week, peeps!

Today is Shawn's 31st birthday. Happy Birthday, dude!

I'm spreading my bloggy love on Angella today for a few reasons. For starters, she's effing awesome. She's also the only person I know through blogging who I have met in real life. Angella was our wedding photographer and did a fabulous job. When we were figuring out some wedding stuff, we realized that Angella's maiden name is the same as Shawn's last name. I love stuff like that so today, on Shawn's birthday, I will tell you why I love reading Dutch Blitz (besides the obvious reason that Angella totally understands my angst with the double L.)

The main reason I enjoy Angella's writing so much is that she writes honestly. Whether it's a heartfelt post about her family or her body issues, or a funny post about the meaning of her name, Angella's sincerity shines through. Plus she has really cute kids.

A while back, Angella did a series called Foto Friday, intended for people who want to explore the manual functions of their camera. I'm still very much dependent on my auto function but sometimes, when I'm feeling inspired, I read one of Angella's posts and give it a go. She doesn't claim to be an expert but she does give clear, concise instructions for ignorant camera users like myself.

So head on over to Dutch Blitz and take a gander (just don't tell Angella how busy she must be with three young kids or she will punch you in the ear.) (Okay that's a lie, Angella is probably too nice to punch you in the ear. She will grit her teeth at you though.)


  1. Aw, shucks, Hillary. You are too sweet to me.

    And no, I generally don't punch people in the ear. I do have a mean glare and occasionally throw things though...

    Hope you're having a blast!

  2. Happy happy birthday to Shawn!