Tuesday, 5 May 2009

They Left Us Alone In The Maelstrom As You Can See We're All Clearly Alive

We found out Friday night that the wedding is back on and we leave for the Dominican Republic this weekend. The news set off a celebration from Shawn and his brother and a maelstrom of activity from yours truly.

On one hand I was very pleased to know that in a week I would be in the sun, my most taxing decision being which tropical cocktail to enjoy next. On the other hand, I was fretting about everything that needed to be done before we left. Stuff that I had put on the back burner when the Mexican holiday was cancelled: picking up a new box of contacts, getting my birth control prescription renewed, changing Canadian money into US dollars. Important things that can't be put off until we return.

And now it's Tuesday and I have yet to complete any of my Imperative Tasks. Instead of checking items off my list, I keep adding to it: arrange transportation to the airport now that the flight time has changed and we need to be at the airport at 4am; buy dog food so the pups don't starve while we're away; host Mother's Day dinner because if we don't celebrate Mother's Day before we leave, the next time our entire family can be together is mid June.

On top of all that, I woke up this morning feeling like shite. I think I have a bladder infection. I was planning to go to the walk-in clinic today anyway (birth control prescription) so I'll hopefully be able to get some antibiotics to clear it up. I just don't want to deal with it.

I really don't mean to sound so complainy. I'm ridiculously excited to have a week off work. I went out and bought five new books this weekend to take with me (I have my priorities straight, ha.) I am loading up my ipod with various summer-fun-time playlists. I have stopped fretting about the size of my thighs (though I'm pretty sure the fretting will restart when I actually have to be in a bikini.) The next few days will be madness but after that? Bliss. Pure sunshiney bliss.


  1. Yay! You'll have loads of fun!

    I've always found it's easier to make a list rather than actually doing the things on it. Oh well.

    Hope you get that bladder infection under control!

  2. All of the hustle of planning will be totally worthwhile from the moment you sit down on the plane forward - I'm so glad you still get to get away!! Congrats!

  3. And the bliss will hopefully make the madness worth it.

    I've never been to the D.R.! I can't wait to read how it was!

  4. Hooray for the DR!!

    Also - I had a UTI once and a friend told me to drink a glass of warm water with a tsp of baking soda in it.

    Now if I feel one coming on I chug that concoction once or twice and it doesn't get full-blown.

  5. oh man that sounds crazy. good luck getting everything together but yay for the domincan republic! :)

  6. Why have a blog if you can't be complainy sometimes? ;-)

    At least there are fabulous things to look forward to!

  7. hooray hooray! i love the DR (obviously)! i hope the sick is better by the time you leave :-( and that the stupid cuntheads at the clinic ended up giving you your pills (that was a tweet, right? i didn't imagine that?)

  8. Oh, I've never been to the DR but it looks soooo pretty! Sunshiney bliss! Awesomeness!

    Also, I don't know if you're up for this, but I used to buy birth control and allergy meds and such across the border in Mexico when I lived in San Diego. I'm sure you could stock up on your pills at a pharmacy while you're there.