Thursday, 14 May 2009

Just An Old Sweet Song Keeps Georgia On My Mind

I am busy drinking too much and sunning myself in the Dominican Republic this week. Internet access is sparse and let's be honest, any time I spend on the internet is reserved for harassing my mom and Shawn's mom for puppy updates. Sooo ... in lieu of guest posters (because clearly I am not cool enough for guest posters) I have written about the bloggers I love and set my blog to post a new one daily. We all know that technology is not my strong point so I'm hoping I don't come home to find that my blog has imploded. Have a great week, peeps!

Georgia created the McNuggitini. Do I need to continue or do you already love her as much as I do? Because that's all it took for me.

Fine, fine. Georgia does have other admirable qualities. She dresses really well and has great hair. She's a damn fine writer. She stands up for herself against evil landlords. She has an awesome series called Domestic Tuesdays where she documents her cooking extravaganzas.

She describes her blog as being a "nice balance of self-deprecation with self-reflection, with a healthy helping of the absurd" - I could not put it any better than that.


  1. Highfive, Hillary! I just checked her out and I agree with everything you said. ESPECIALLY THE GREAT HAIR. Man. Makes me and my mullet feel really stupid.

  2. Miss Georgia is one of my favorites, too. I'm really loving these posts.

  3. Georgia was one of the first bloggers I ever started reading, and I hope she never stops. I heart her dearly!