Monday, 11 May 2009

Born On The Cusp In The Month Of November

I am busy drinking too much and sunning myself in the Dominican Republic this week. Internet access is sparse and let's be honest, any time I spend on the internet is reserved for harassing my mom and Shawn's mom for puppy updates. Sooo ... in lieu of guest posters (because clearly I am not cool enough for guest posters) I have written about the bloggers I love and set my blog to post a new one daily. We all know that technology is not my strong point so I'm hoping I don't come home to find that my blog has imploded. Have a great week, peeps!

Mermanda at Cusp of Normal

How do I love Mermanda? Let me count the ways.

Mermanda and I are both Thanksgiving babies. We may live in different countries and think that the other spells "favourite" incorrectly (for the record, Mermanda spells it incorrectly) but we are united by our love for blowing out birthday candles on pumpkin pie rather than birthday cake.

Mermanda can make normal household items look like balls. She is engaged to a man who not only makes cooking videos, he also tries to make her drink poop water. Speaking of being engaged, when Andrew proposed, Mermanda had a mullet! How can you not love this lady?

Mermanda makes me laugh with her theories on Candy Standardization and monocles. I can't link to them because they're not posts but I can copy & paste (like a boss!)

*disclaimer* I am not plagiarizing Mermanda. These are her words. Her wit. Her craziness. I can only hope that one day I will be as funny as her. Oh and we were talking about the difference between Canadian Smarties (the real Smarties) and American smarties (ROCKETS!)

" Why does Canada and the U.S. have to make things so damn difficult by renaming candy? If you elect me as President of the North American Union, I promise to make candy standardized from the tippy top of Canada to the bottomest part of Mexico. Never again will you have to
wonder "Which Smarties is she talking about?"

Also, I'll name you Treasury of Monocles.

Elect me. Amanda.

Paid for by Citizens For Candy Standardization."

In conclusion, you should all head over and love all up on Mermanda. Thank you.


  1. Mermanda is FABULOUS. I didn't know that Andrew made her drink poop water though...or tried too. I will have to go read that entry.

  2. Wow! This was a very exciting thing to find in my reader on a dreary Monday morning. Our love is mutual. xo

  3. I agree that Mermanda is fab! And the proposal video she posted totally made me cry.