Thursday, 21 May 2009

And On The Streets They Reek Of Tropical Charms

This week has been a struggle to get back into our routine. Our work routine (ugh - work is kicking my ass right now.) Our puppy routine (Wolfgang got a very stern talking to last night about how peeing inside is unacceptable. He then proceeded to, um, pee inside. I love him.) Our workout routine (okay I say "our" but really I mean "Shawn's." Don't judge me.) It has been difficult to get out of the holiday mindset. I sit in front of a computer all day, fluorescent lights frying my eyes, instead of sitting on the beach all day, soaking up the sun. I may be suffering from the post-holiday blues.

So I will postpone my holiday recap a little longer and leave you with a few photos:

Our resort was gorgeous.

The grounds were immaculate.

There were palm trees everywhere.

I love palm trees.

When you go somewhere with white sandy beaches and turquoise water, it's pretty much mandatory to take a photo like this (hey I don't make the rules, I just follow them.)

And if you're Shawn, it's mandatory to mock your wife by taking your version of a sandy feet photo.


  1. i pretty much love shawn's photo best. sorry lady!

  2. oh man, that is so definitely a rule. i just wish i had known about it earlier when i was in the carib all the time back at my airline job, because i would really love to make a collage of all the tropical places my feet have been.

  3. I'm pretty sure you said Shawn was sick this week, didn't you? So, you should tell him that karma's a bitch and she'll do that to him for mocking your foot photo! =)

  4. Oh my goodness, that's so dreamy - I'm glad you guys were able to get away!

  5. Um, can I go there? Now? Those photos are beautiful!

  6. Ooh - purdy pictures! I'd love to be on a sandy beach, relaxing right now...

  7. I think you and Shawn are perfect for each other!
    I love that he took that photo.

  8. Pictures are gorgeous!! Makes me wish I could go there!

    The weekend is almost here. Hold on for just a few more hours!

  9. Pretty feet, pretty toes, pretty beach.