Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Just Beat It Beat It Beat It Beat It No One Wants To Be Defeated - Take 4

Wednesday Ramblings by Hillary

This is the recipe I used to make the brownies in Monday's post.

I should note that the photo I used is not representative of the true size of the brownies. I probably got about 60 brownies out of the 9"x13" pan; they were so rich that you could really only eat a small piece at a time or you'd feel ill.

* * * * *

April's beets squeaked in just under the wire.

I took three beets, two sweet potatoes, one rutabaga, one red onion; peeled them and chopped them, tossed them in olive oil, added some minced garlic and salt and pepper and then roasted them for about an hour.

I didn't hate these beets, mainly because I chopped them so small that each mouthful contained other vegetables.

Let the record show that I still do not love beets, I just seem to have found a non-vomitous form.

* * * * *

To assuage my guilt over complaining about the Mexican wedding, I made the bride and groom some Smarties cookies. Because really, what else can you do when your wedding is cancelled, besides eat sugar and chocolate?

The good news is that the wedding is potentially back on, if the travel agency can find a resort in Cuba or the Dominican Republic that can accommodate the group. We'll know in the next few days. I am feeling very fretty about not knowing where we're going (because how can I make a plan if I don't know where we'll be?) but I'm trying to relax. I'm trying to quiet the Type A part of my personality (the, uh, main part of my personality) and focus on the fact that this is about the bride and groom and their happiness.

* * * * *

Chicago is my new boyfriend, after knocking Calgary out of the playoffs. I'll have to break up with Chicago tomorrow when game 1 of the Vancouver/Chicago series starts but for now we're quite happy with each other.

* * * * *

There is some crazy stuff going on at work that I can't write about but it's taking up all my mental energy. Hence the crappy rambling post. Sorry peeps, I'll try harder next time.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Wow, you're still doing the whole eating beats thing? Gutsy woman.

    Don't fret about where the wedding will end up being. Just hope it will be somewhere warm, sunny and fun. :)

    I hope things ease up at work for you!

  2. I'm starving right now. Those cookies look delish!

  3. Chicago should be your new boyfriend because I live here. Not because one of our ill-fated sports teams is doing well for a change. =)

  4. i hope the work stuff resolves itself soon. :-P

    omg want those brownies NOW.

    hooray for the wedding reschedule - anywhere tropical = FAB!

  5. Do you know what Smarties are in the states?

    I hope everything works out for the bride and groom. What a bummer.

  6. Mermanda is right, I always forget that in the USA Smarties don't exist and those little pastel candies, Rockets, are called smarties.

    Random, huh?

    I love that you're still sticking to the beets thing, every time I see it it makes me happy - you're such a trooper!

  7. I only like pickled beets!

    I always put M & M's in my cookies instead of chocolate chips, but that may make me un-Canadian.

    My Type A personality would also be in overdrive! I get stressed out when I don't have a recipe to make for dinner let alone not knowing where I'll be headed. I CANNOT FATHOM being that couple.

    And I am solidly on the Red Wings side of things. :)