Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What Kind Of Magic Spell To Use Slime And Snails Or Puppy Dogs' Tails

Last week was shite and then I came down with the flu. Normally this would make me very stabby; however, there was a fabulous Friday night in between the two events. It involved a great bunch of people, burgers on the BBQ, a Canucks game, and a tad too much alcohol. Which explains these photos:

Not crazy, just drunk.

And then I died the next day of what I thought was a really bad hangover but what I quickly realized was the flu.

While I still thought it was a hangover, I forced myself to get outside and enjoy the sunshine because who knows how long it will last? (oh ha ha, it lasted until today WHEN IT STARTED SNOWING!) We took the pups to my parents' house so they could run around in an actual yard (every time we get back from my parent's house, the pups run to our sliding glass door (which opens up onto a teeny tiny balcony) fully expecting a back yard to have appeared. The attitude we get from Stel when she realizes it hasn't happened yet is awesome.)

Please may we have some of this green stuff at our house?

My parents' dog, Toby, is extremely camera-shy (it's bizarre, when he sees a camera come out he hides in his dog house) but I managed to sneakily snap a few shots.

Toby is a german shepard black lab cross.

Stella has a giant crush on him.

I was sitting in a lawn chair, teasing the pups with treats, when I managed to take what are quite possibly my two favourite pictures of them, ever.

Intense focus.

I love this shot even though Stella's face is cut off. She's such a clown.

And that's all I've got (unless you'd like to hear more about vomit?) I've been a blog-reading slacker this week so I'm woefully behind on my Reader. I'm tempted to hit the magic "mark all as read" button but I've resisted so far. I'm not sure how long I'll last before the hundreds of unread posts drive me batshit crazy but I'll do my best.


  1. The first two pictures made me crack up! No one has really managed to take drunken pictures of me...yet.

    The pics of your pups and Toby are just adorable. :)

    Hope you feel 100% better soon!

  2. Our friends have a camera-shy dog, too. If she sees you pull out a camera, she turns her back and walks away. It is, indeed, bizarre.

    BTW, you don't even have to tell us about Stella's attitude. You can read it all over those pictures! =)

  3. Calvin and Theo hate when we drink...

  4. I think the fact that their dog is camera-shy is funny. HOW DOES HE KNOW WHAT A PHOTO IS?

  5. My mom's dog is so camera shy that if you pick up anything (a cell phone, a tv remote) vaguely resembling a camera she'll shy away and usually leave the room.

    (I hope you feel better soon.)

  6. haha those last two pics are adorable. and hope you're feeling better!

  7. Fucking hell, I love that first photo. You are so cute!

  8. I have had my parent's dog with me for the last month while they were on vacation. Now I am missing her like crazy and considering a puppy purchase of my own! Even better is that my office lets me bring the dog to work with me!

  9. I kind of want to make wallpaper out of those two pics of wolfgang and stella. freaking hell are they cute or what? P.S. Bloggy love to you on my new post!

    Hope you are feeling better, dear.


  10. i'm with angella: how does the dog know what a photo is, and to be scared of it?!? is it a flash thing?? FASCINATING!

    dude, that is shit shit luck on the flu. AND the snow. you should come to the caribbean with me ;-D

  11. Oh how I love when you whip out the drunk face!!!!!!!!