Thursday, 23 April 2009

When You Said Tulips I Knew That You're Mine

I don't spend a lot of one-on-one time with my mom. We see each other often enough (2 parents + 4 kids + 4 significant others = a whole lot of birthdays to celebrate, on top of all the other mandatory dinners like Easter and Thanksgiving) but we don't really spend quality time together. So I invited her to go to the Tulip Festival with me because a: she's always really wanted to go and b: going to the States means buying American candy. Oh and I guess I should include c: I get to be the best daughter for a weekend.

I told my mom I would pick her up at nine so we could get to the border before it got too busy. At five to nine, I was sitting at my parents' kitchen table, drinking coffee with my dad. After some truly magnificent faffing, which included two - TWO! - trips to the bank (the first to get cash and another after she realized the branch was open Saturday morning and she could get her American money out of her safety deposit box, if only we could head back to the house for a quick second so she could grab the safety deposit box key), we managed to leave for the border by ten. We got onto the highway, turned on the traffic report, and found out that there was a minimum two hour wait at the three nearest border crossings.

So. No tulips.

Instead, we went back to my place and grabbed Stella (Wolfgang had to sit this one out due to his man bits not being fully healed) and drove up to Buntzen Lake.

It's only an hour outside of Vancouver but it feels like you're in another world.

Everything is so green and alive.

The air smells so fresh.

There's a fabulous off-leash dog park on the beach that is fenced in on three sides, with the fence extending into the water so the dogs can swim.

Stella is not much of a swimmer.

She does, however, like to sniff out all the smelly beachy smells.

And then, you know, roll in them.

That right there? Is a picture of pure puppy bliss.

It wasn't the day we had planned but my mom and I had a really nice time. It's interesting to spend time with my mom when she's not mothering her flock. She's a lot more ... relaxed.


  1. We have a dog beach about 2 miles from our house that sounds like the same thing. Dogs go nuts there - it's a bit overwhelming when it's crowded, but a lot of fun to see the pups in their own little slice of heaven.

    And I totally get what you mean about some downtime with your mom. These days, the only time I see my mom is when there are oobles of other family around. And during those times, we're all on.

  2. I love spending down time with my mom. I's great that you guys had a nice time despite the change of plans!

  3. Two hours?? Good lord that's long.

    But looks like you two had a nice time. Always good to spend quality time with your mom. Later down the line, you'll definitely look back at these times and smile. :)

  4. It sounds like everything worked out in the end :)

    I've always wanted to go to the tulip festival too...

  5. I actually love hanging out with my mom. She's the most chill 64 year-old I know. (Yeah, my mom is 40 years older than me. Yikes.)

  6. What a pretty place!

    Why in the hell does it take so long to cross the border? That is insane!

  7. i just had a Mom & Me day yesterday! it was very nice. although there's only 2 of us kids, so we don't usually have to compete for mom time very often, anyway.

  8. Oh my gosh - that sounds so dreamy, as long as Stella didn't come home smelling like a dead fish =p

    Mister and I were talking about moving to Vancouver last night, he doesn't believe that we could afford a condo there - I still want to see!

  9. Pure puppy bliss, but my worst nightmare as far as puppy mess! I'd just want to put him in a plastic bag and head to the groomers, ASAP!

  10. The tulip festival sounds lovely! I probably should have known about it since I grew up in WA, but I was very young.

    At any rate, I got here through Vanessa's blog, and I stopped when I read your "About me." I like cheese, men with husky voices, and spelling things correctly too :)

  11. aw that is so sweet you had a "mom day", and even though you didn't make it to the tulip festival your day sounds pretty amazing anyways. love all the pictures.

  12. You're such a good daughter!!!

    Awesome photos Hills!

  13. Vancouver is WAY too far away... you need to come to the States and the BBQ tomorrow!!! *pout*

  14. I love mom days.

    What candy do you go for when you come to the US? I tried the Coffee Crisp when I was just in Vancouver and fell in love with them. I got an Aero bar too, but it melted in the car before I tried it. Still ate it, but the bubble part was missing.

  15. This place is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! Bummer about the tulips, but really, how lovely and relaxing.

  16. So dogs would love to go to a place like that. Just came acroos your blog..I'll be back:)