Friday, 17 April 2009

Yesterday It Hit Me That I Do All The Little Things That You Do Except The Same Little Things That You Do Are Annoying

Friday Faff: Don't You Wish You Were Married to Me? Edition

Shawn, retelling a joke from Southpark*: Do you like fishsticks?

Hillary: I don't know.

Shawn: What?

Hillary: I've never eaten a fishstick.

Shawn: For the sake of the joke, assume that you've eaten a fishstick, ok? So do you like fishsticks?

Hillary: I don't know! What are fishsticks like?

Shawn: They're like ... fishsticks.

Hillary: Like fish & chips?

Shawn: No, more like chicken strips.

Hillary: Dude that does not help at all. There is a huge spectrum of chicken strips. Are we talking fastfood-style nuggets? Or restaurant-style tenders?

At which point Shawn's head melts a little until we come to the conclusion that fishsticks are not deep-fried like fish & chips, but breaded and baked like quality-restaurant-style chicken tenders.

Shawn: Sooo.... do you like fishsticks?

Hillary: I don't know. Are they served with tartar sauce or ketchup?

Shawn: I hate you.

* I know, right? Southpark. Gah. I stopped liking Southpark right around the time I stopped mixing $8 half-mickeys of Alberta Pure Vodka with cream soda Slurpees (read: grade 12.)

PS: The joke was really lame. Something to do with being a gay fish if you like fishsticks in your mouth.

* * * * *

Hillary: Why is your face all scratchy?

Shawn: It's my playoff beard!

Hillary: I do not accept that.

Shawn: But if I shave, the Canucks will lose!

Hillary: FINE! Then I'll just grow my own playoff beard ...


Hillary: ON MY LEGS!

* * * * *

Happy Friday, peeps! If you're so inclined, Lemon Gloria could use some positive thoughts, and, if it's not too insensitive to include this in the same sentence, the Canucks could use some juju for game 2 tonight.


  1. What ARE fish sticks? Don't think I've ever had one.

    I think you should totally stop shaving. :)

  2. YOU!

    Made me laugh out loud today! Thanks!

    Playoff beard- hahahahahah!!!!

  3. "I do not accept that."

    Haha! I said something very very similar to my Sean when he said he was growing a mustache! Boo.

  4. hahaha! you are too funny! fishstick... definetly more like a chicken nugget (the frozen ones) but baked, and tastes like fish.
    By the way, your two dogs are adorable! Stella reminds me of my dog Penny who is pug and wiener dog. She snores and has one fand that is always hanging out. Cute!

  5. You guys are awesome.


    South Park is still on the air? What the...?

  6. I told Andrew I'd stop shaving EVERYTHING if he was going to continue growing his mustache. Turns out he didn't need the threat. He just needed to realize how FUCKING STUPID he looked.

  7. heh, i do still watch south park. fish sticks! hee!

    i am totally using the leg/pit threat next time someone i'm dating wants inadvisable facial hair.

  8. haha i love your retaliation to the playoff beard, so clever.

  9. I like putting fishsticks in my mouth.


  10. I don't like fishsticks... I've never had one, but the smell is yucky.