Monday, 10 March 2008

The Whole Damn World Invited Themselves To My Sunday BBQ

I had a really nice, chilled-out weekend.

Friday night I stayed downtown after work and had dinner with a friend I haven't seen in a while. It's a bit ridiculous - I moved from downtown the week she moved downtown. She's one of my Best Ladies so it's a bit sad that we don't see each other more often. Now that the wedding is less than 5 months away (gulp) I'm sure we'll see each other more often as I impose Best Lady duties on her.

After dinner I decided to forgo the Wild Night Out she had planned with a few of our other friends and went home to do homework. I actually managed to finish an assignment this weekend (hello Miss Efficient) so the soul-sucking English course is sucking a little less soul. There's just 7 weeks left until I write the exam and for the first time I actually feel like I might be done the coursework before then.

Saturday was spent bbq shopping. When we finally stopped renting and bought a condo, getting a puppy and a bbq were the things we were most looking forward to. I didn't think that getting a bbq would be such an ordeal. S dragged me to 4 (4!) stores before we finally found an acceptable bbq. It was ridiculous. I have never seen him so indecisive. I was no help at all, seeing as I know nothing about buying a bbq. My criteria was 'can it cook a burger? yes? sold!' but apparently there's more to it than that. After 3 hours of bqq shopping (I thought my head was going to explode) we finally decided on an electric bbq. You didn't know they make electric bbq's? We didn't either, until we reached the 4th store. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: Why do they make electric bbq's?
S: I don't know. Why not?
Me: Maybe some municipalities don't allow gas bbq's on balconies.
S: Maybe. Does our municipality allow gas bbq's on balconies?
Me: I don't know. You were in charge of the BBQ Acquisition Plan.
S: Well maybe we should get the electric.
Me: That would mean that we wouldn't ever have to worry about filling the propane tank.
S: And you wouldn't ever blow up the condo. (Which is harsh but ultimately fair)
Me: Sold!

So we brought home our cute little electric bbq and proceeded to bbq everything in the fridge.

After we tested out the bbq we watched the Canucks hand the Blues their asses on a platter.

Speaking of asses on platters, Westy's hockey team routed Vernon in both of their playoff games this weekend. Westy got 1 goal and 2 assists (not too shabby for a defenseman!) though the second assist was actually his goal until another player claimed he deflected it. There's no video replay so they have to take the player's word for it. Such drama on the ice. Anyway, his team had 2 big wins and Westy played 2 great games so hopefully the scouts were out that night.

Sunday was spent doing homework and watching a bizarre documentary on classic video games. We decided to hold off on painting the bathroom because I've changed my mind about the colour (shocking, I know.) I'm leaning towards moss green now.

* Update * Westy's goal was credited back to him so in 2 playoff games he's got 2 goals and 1 assist. Such a star, if you ask me (though that might be my big sister bias talking.)


  1. I had no idea about electric BBQs either but it is really neat looking.

  2. okay FIRST of all, that bbq is adorable and i want it.

    GO BLUES!!

    just kidding... i have an ex that's from st. louis and obsessed with hockey. and therefore, i hate them.

    go YOU for having such a productive weekend!

  3. Electric BBQ?


    Don't you have a stove?

    Real BBQ's burn fossil fuels THEMSELVES, not by proxy by plugging in.

    I'm disappointed in your man. Send him my way, i'll learn him :P

  4. ok, so thanks a LOT.

    i'm at work, right? and i'm STARVING, right? and then you go and big fat show a pic of grilled meat n' stuff with NO DISCLAIMER???!!

    how could you?

    and thanks for the ed on the electric barbecue. i had no idea.