Monday, 17 March 2008

Love's Like A Bomb Blowing My Mind

I feel a bit guilty about last week's S rant. Not too guilty because I really needed to vent, but guilty enough to inspire today's post.

The List of How S Rocks
(stop reading here if you're not in the mood for a gushy post)

S is always warm. I am always cold. He lets me warm my freezing toes on his legs (with minimal complaints about how gross my feet are. I fully admit - I have gross feet. They're really dry. I barely mange to moisturize my face every day; I cannot be arsed to moisturize my feet. But I digress.)

He makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm impatient. I want my grilled cheese sandwich Right Now. I turn the heat up way too high and end up with a burnt outer and non-melted inner. It's tragic. S is a patient grilled cheese-maker. He keeps the heat low and he waits for the cheese to melt. This results in a perfectly melted, satisfyingly crisp (but not burnt) grilled cheese sandwich.

S is a musician. Musicians make me swoon. Whenever he plays a show, I get to go home with a real live Rock Star. It's hot. Do you want to support my starving artist? Go to itunes and search "fingersmoran". End salespitch now.

I am not petite. I'm tall-ish and clumsy and a bit of a blunderer. S makes me feel petite. He's very tall and has broad shoulders and when he hugs me, I feel minuscule (but in a good way.)

He loves chocolate almost as much as I do.

S is a very glass half-full kind of guy. He looks for the best in people. He is always willing to give people a second chance.

He tells me I'm skinny, even when I'm not.

When Stella has a Giant Lump of Doom on her back (more on this later), instead of telling me not to worry about it, he worries along with me. And then he lets me drag him to the vet Sunday morning when he'd rather be in bed. And doesn't laugh at me when we pay $34.13 for the vet to tell us it's nothing and we're crazy.

His favourite date night (watching the Canucks, eating pizza and drinking Coke from frosty mugs) is my favourite date night.

He watches America's Next Top Model with me and discusses each models' flaws.

He gives the best back rubs.

He makes up silly songs about Stella and sings them to me when she's done something annoying like eat my flowers.

When we share dessert, he lets me have the first and last bite.

He has decided that he wants to go somewhere tropical for his birthday instead of going to Alaska! Victory!


  1. That was such a sweet post. Even though our boys can annoy us sometimes they are still awesome, and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

    Woo hoo for no artic vacation for S's birthday!

  2. I know! When S told me he wanted to go somewhere tropical instead of Alaska I almost died of joy.

  3. that deserves a giant awwww barf awwwwww. you gotta hold on to the good ones... true story.

    just tell him to stop snapping his fingers. :)