Monday, 3 March 2008

All Dressed Up To Catch A Glimpse Of The List

Hi! My name is Hillary and I'm getting married in 5 months. Am I ready to get married in 5 months? Not so much.

According to Martha Stewart, things we haven't done yet (that we should have already) include:

- compile guests' addresses
- book officiant
- book florist
- book photographer
- plan honeymoon
- arrange wedding day transportation
- purchase or reserve groom's attire
- purchase bride's shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.
- choose attendants' attire
- choose favours
- choose gifts for wedding party
- arrange accommodation for out-of-town guests

This list will grow when we reach the 4 month mark. I can't wait.

Are we woefully behind? Yes. Can we be arsed to do anything about it? No. For some reason, we cannot motivate ourselves to actually get 'er done. I love lists. I'm a big fan of making lists and then checking things off of said list. This list? This wedding list of stress and horribleness? I do not love it so much.

The list I do love is the List of Already Accomplished Wedding Shite (this list is so important that it's capitalized)

- book wedding / reception venue
- plan menu
- invitations
- wedding dress
- make guest list
- order wedding cake (or, in our case, cupcake tower)

I wish that this list was longer.

Then there's the list of things I want to do instead of wedding planning:

- paint the bathroom
- not fail the soul sucking English course
- put Stella in puppy school
- go on holiday for S's 30th birthday
- actually have a house-warming party (even though we moved ohhh 4 months ago ... which brings us to my next point)
- finish unpacking (I'm not proud)

I'm starting to have nightmares about a half-planned wedding. You'd think this would motivate me to do something about it. But you'd be wrong.


  1. When I read about weddings I get stressed out and I don't even have one to plan. Taking Stella to puppy school sounds like fun, though.

  2. I know what you mean! I'm getting married in like 5.5 months. Yikes. I feel like I have a lot done, but then I see your list and realize that I haven't done that much after all.

    You have a good amount of things started, so don't freak yourself out. It'll all start falling into place. That's what happens with me, I get into a wedding kick and do a lot of stuff without even realizing it. Good luck. I know you can do it! =)

  3. Martha steward is a douchebag

    just do it whenever

    or have the wedding party show up naked. That could work too!

  4. Hillary--you know of my love for lists and all things anal-retentive so you'll be shocked to know that I didn't make a single list for my wedding. Not. A. One. and it still went off without a hitch. You'll make it. But since you've already made your lists, how about parceling them out to S and your family? Erhm...I guess I don't know much about your family other than Westy the Besty plays, maybe parceling out the list isn't such a grand idea.

    I'll just be over here crossing my fingers for you.

  5. Over-thinker : I don't believe you! No lists? Do you deserve your title of over-thinker?

  6. guess what? you guys will get married whether or not any of that other crap happens or not...

    and at the end of the day, that's what matters...right?

  7. ok so WHY do my comments NOT show up on your blog???

  8. Oh, don't stress.

    It will all come together, and if not, who cares? It's one day, and you have the rest of your lives to celebrate :)

    But I have faith in you that it will be a truly magical day!

  9. i'm from seattle and am a photographer... so if you want any recommendations for really amazing wedding photographers in your general area (aka seattle, which is close ish), let me know.

    i'm happy to help.