Thursday, 20 March 2008

All I See Is Mystery And I Obey

Why Stella needs puppy school:

This is what remains of Stella's bed. See the sad, deflated centre of the bed? It used to be full of stuffing. Until Stella decided to eat it:

Stella hiding the evidence:

Sometimes Stella gets a really scary look in her eyes. It's times like this that I know she would eat my face if given the opportunity:

Stella telling us it's time to go for a walk. We don't tell her. She tells us:

Stella giving the evil eye. She gives me this look when she's sick of the camera flash constantly going off in her face:

And this is my sweet puppy givin' the business to the Easter bunny:

This is why we decided to enroll her in puppy school. The first class wasn't too bad. She wasn't the worst puppy in the class but she certainly wasn't the best. She has this adorable habit of vocalizing her yawns. I really don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, she kept doing it during class. We thought it was hilarious because man, puppy school is boring, but the teacher wasn't too impressed. This week involved a lot of talking (and the teacher wouldn't let the puppies interact with each other - which I thought the whole point of puppy school was, but whatever.) Hopefully next week we actually get to do stuff. I'm hoping that puppy school will convert Stella from a leash-puller (she weighs 15lbs and I'm not kidding when I say that she drags me down the street) into a well-behaved heeler. Hah, I just accidentally typed "heller" there - foreshadowing, perhaps?


  1. Cute puppy.

    The breeder calls border terriers "borderline terrorists" but I got mine behavin ok.

    Just takes some patience. And lots of liver treats!

  2. Unrelated to the puppy but a response to your "my wedding sucks" comment on my blog. I'm not sure why you think yours will suck or what parts are causing you the most suckage grief but I can tell you the stuff I loved about this wedding.

    First of all, it wasn't overrun with flowers. There were elegant branches with small buds on them lining the aisles in the ceremony and along the sides of the room during the reception. The centerpieces were tall glass cylinders (so you could see the other side of the table) filled with water and a small bunch of flowers and they were surrounded by three low bunches of different white flowers.

    Second, they had one of those picture booths - where you walk in and snap three different pictures of yourself on the same strip of paper. It would print out two copies - one for you to take home and one to put in a sign-in book. I thought that was a great idea.

    Third, the wedding was an amazing reflection of them. During dessert she had mini ice cream cones and milk and cookies and everything had their new monogram on it. It was just very "them."

    So decide what you like, what turns your head and just do that. If it's what you love, everyone there will love it too.

  3. stormy needs puppy school, too.

    she just got a new haircut and i hate it. i want my shaggy dog back.

    and i have to admit...that damn stella is one of the cutest effing dogs i have EVER seen in my life...and i've seen a ton of dogs.

  4. Oh my sweet jesus. No wonder your puppy gets away with everything! I kinda want to carry her around in my mouth. Puggle?

  5. Your dog is quite possibly the cutest thing I've EVER seen. I wish my dogs would bring me their would almost make my heart melt!