Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday Night Last Orders At The Pub

I'm over my strop - I think I just needed to vent my spleen to get it out of my system. So, um, thanks for listening!

Westy's team is up 3-1 in their playoff series. They play again tonight. On one hand I hope they win so the series is over and they can have a rest before the next round of playoffs start. On the selfish hand, I kind of want them to lose so they have to play again tomorrow. There's a slight possibility I could drive up to Vernon tomorrow if they have a game.

After working really hard on the soul-sucking English course for the last month, I've now become sloth-like. I haven't touched it for a week. This is a bad plan because I've only got until the first week of May to write 2 papers and finish the readings. Maybe this weekend will be super-productive like last weekend. Or maybe I will spend the weekend being a lazy arse - who knows?

Daylight Savings kicked my ass this week. It has been so difficult to get out of bed in the morning when it's still pitch black outside. Plus it's been grey and rainy during the day (which might have also contributed to my tantrum.) I have spent the last week daydreaming about tropical locations. S has decided that he doesn't want to plan his 30th Birthday Holiday Extravaganza. He wants to leave it to the week before and try to get a last minute deal. The frugal part of me agrees with him - we can get more bang for our buck if we wait. The type-A, list-loving, planner part of me is not loving this plan so much. I need to plan. I need to prepare. This is S's birthday trip though, so I'm trying to chill out. If he wants to leave it to the last minute, we'll leave it to the last minute. I'm hoping that all the Alaskan cruises will be sold out if we leave it too long, meaning that we'll be forced to go somewhere warm and sunny.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh boys, and their desire to wait until the last minute to do everything. Well, I'm sure the Alaskan cruises will sell out by then and you can go somewhere tropical instead. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Even though DST means it's dark when you get up, isn't it nicer that it's light out when you leave work? Have a great weekend!

  2. DST is kicking my ass too! I just can't get ahold of waking up in the dark.

  3. You're killing me, Hill---you're posting everyday is totally throwing me off! I'm getting behind in commenting!!

    Glad that your mind is on the mend..sometimes it just feels good to vent. Just thought of something...does S read your blog? My husband reads mine (daily, even though I post, uh, weekly) so it's not a place I can really vent about him...and trust me, I could've used a good venting post last weekend.

  4. Over-Thinker: First I don't post enough and now I post too much? Make up your mind, lady!
    S knows about my blog but he doesn't read it. He probably will at some point. It's okay that I vent about him - he prefers that I direct my venting away from his general direction :)