Sunday, 23 March 2008

And My New Grandma Bea Arthur Come On Over

*Disclaimer for Jess: This post has pictures of food. If you are hungry, stop reading now.

This weekend was relaxed and slow and exactly what I needed. There was not 1 gin & tonic involved (shocking, I know.) Since moving out of downtown Vancouver, our social life has decreased somewhat. I think I'm okay with that. I haven't felt that bone-crushing exhaustion I used to feel Sunday afternoon after a weekend of bars, clubs and patios. I actually feel almost rested up and ready for the week ahead. It's bizarre and a bit unsettling but also nice. It's nice to feel healthy again. To not wake up feeling like you've been run over by a truck. To not be able to actually feel your sore liver. That being said, I am definitely in need of a girls' night out. I want to go out with my ladies, drink far too many gins and dance my ass off. I just don't want to deal with public transit at the end of the night :)

Last weekend I made the mistake of hoping Westy's team would lose on Friday so I could drive up to Vernon to watch their next game. Well I got my wish - they did lose on Friday. But then they lost on Saturday too, forcing their playoff series to go to the dreaded game 7. Fortunately they managed to pull off a win, advancing them to the next round. I was toying with the idea of driving up to Penticton this weekend to watch games 1 & 2 of this series but in the end my laziness won out and I stayed put. Turtle drove up for Friday's game and won a bucket full of jelly beans - clearly karma was trying to tell me something. Westy's team won both nights so they're ahead 2-0 in the series. I refuse to make any sort of predictions - I am keeping my big mouth shut. Games 3 & 4 are Tuesday and Wednesday.

I went to visit my grandma in the "retirement community" on Saturday. We had coffee and these:

I think the highlight of the visit was when she told me that she thinks my uncle is a "stupid ass." It was hilarious. He is a stupid ass, it was just funny to hear my 92-year old grandma say so. Or it could have been when she said she has solved Vancouver's homeless problem. She thinks we need to lock up the homeless because "then they'd have homes." What can I say - Grandma has an opinion on everything and Grandma's always right.

I made a banana cream pie this weekend for Easter dinner at future MIL's house. It was not a success. It was the first banada cream pie I've ever made and it will probably be the last. It tasted really good, it just looked like crap. So much so that I can't post a picture of it here because it will make you throw up in your mouth a little. It didn't set fully so it was very gooey looking. It also got that nasty pudding-skin on the surface. It was not an attractive dessert. So I smothered it in whipped cream and sprinkled it with nuts and told everyone to eat with their eyes closed. Now I need to come up with another dessert for next weekend's Easter dinner at my parents' house. Suggestions?


  1. It couldn't have been that bad, could it? Hey, as long as it tasted good.
    I was going to make Angel Food Cake with Seafoam frosting for Easter, but didn't get around to it. I use the box (I know that's cheating) but make the frosting myself. It's almost like a meringue - sometimes my aunt would put coconut on top the icing (which I think you can dye green to look like grass if you wanted to). It's really good.
    If you're interested in the frosting recipe just e-mail me.

  2. Old people are so funny sometimes! Sorry your pie wasn't beautiful, but I'm sure it tasted great.

    I think I'm only good at wedding planning because I do it when I don't feel like working, hehe. I just called the placed to book the rehearsal dinner, T's dad is taking care of the rest! =)

  3. I love "banada" cream pie :-) Mine sometimes looks a bit creepy, too--It all depends on the humidity. Never do meringues if there's even a hint of humidity in the air.

    I made Nigella's Honey Chocolate cake for Easter with a few tweaks and it was a HUGE hit. E-mail me if you want the tweaks....well now, that sounded strange.

  4. ok, so your disclaimer SUCKS. while it says "food" it does NOT SAY PEANUT BUTTER with CHOCOLATE.

    THAT would have been the ultimate disclaimer.

    OMG i need me some of 'dem cookies!!!