Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Passing By You Light Up My Darkest Skies

Last week I almost had a heart attack when I flipped the breaker for the hot water tank and the lights went out. S had gone to take the garbage out, so of course when he came back to a completely dark condo he blamed me. The conversation went a little like this:
Me: I didn't do it.
S: Well the lights were on when I left, so obviously you did something.
Me: Well all I did was flip the breaker, so obviously something is wrong with it.
S: *silently glowers*
Moving is not bringing out the best in us.
It was a stressful night - me trying to read the hot water tank manual by the light of my cellphone, S trying unsuccessfully to turn the lights back on by flipping the main breaker on and off about eleventy million times. After about twenty minutes of this I deduced that I had, in fact, done nothing wrong while S reckoned that I had broken the condo beyond repair.
After a frantic call to the developer, we managed to get an electrician to come out the next morning. Electrician determined that our hot water tank is a death trap, which is why when I turned it on the whole circuit shorted out. (I heart Electrician because he proved the hot water tank debacle is not my fault. I'm just sayin'.)
We don't know why the hot water tank is a deathtrap (faulty wiring, faulty element, faulty installation, etc.) We also don't know who is going to fix it. Developer has promised me hot water tonight but I have no hope.
The one (slightly) bright spot in this is that we're not actually living in the condo yet. We're doing the big move on Saturday so it's not like we're running around smelly and unwashed. Well, no more smelly than usual.

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  1. Not related to your post - but I HEAR YA on the TWO L's!