Thursday, 29 November 2007

I Got You Babe

All of our crap is now in the new place. I say crap because that's what it is. We have so. much. crap. I didn't realize how much crap we own until we had to move it all. Time constraints prevented us from sorting through the crap and getting rid of it, so we now have a nice shiny new condo full of crap. Crap that we don't need. Crap that we don't use. Want crap? We've got it.

Enough complaining - I am so happy to be out of our old apartment. I hated the transition of being in 2 places. It was too hard to keep track of the crap :)

My older sister and her boyfriend (partner? life-y? chosen one? Turtle, help me out here) are the lovely people who made our move successful. I did not realize how disorganized and behind we were until they swooped in with their magical moving powers and saved the day. It helps that they've moved about 50 times in the last 10 years. They are professionals. Usually I am the organized one (and by "organized" I mean "bossy") so it felt a bit strange to hand the reins over. I got over that quickly though, when I realized that someone else was doing all the work. It was fabulous. So T&T, thank you from the bottom of my disorganized, crap-collecting heart.

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  1. We, unfortunately, also belong to the Crap Club. I HATE IT! Our basement is brimming with random crap and I want to set a torch to it all.
    Happy settling in, though. :)