Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Stuck To The Goal To Rescue My Skin

I'm not very good at keeping New Year's resolutions.

Last year I resolved to wear mascara to work every day, lose 10 pounds, conquer my sweet tooth and to be more patient, less moody, and be more of an optimist.

I failed at every one.

Though I did lose a bit of weight, I doubt it was 10 pounds. My sweet tooth continues unabated. I am not patient. I am very moody. I am not an optimist. And every morning, when I had to choose between an extra minute of sleep or mascara? Sleep won. Every time. Wearing mascara is the easiest resolution. It takes 20 seconds to apply. I have mascara. I know how to use mascara. I just don't.

2009 will be different. 2009 is my year. 2009 is the year when I start wearing makeup to work, every day (uh, starting tomorrow.) 2009 is the year when I will become less "I don't care if the glass is half-empty, it's a stupid glass anyway and I never wanted it" and more glass half-full of wonderfulness. I will become toned; 2009 will be the year of visible abs. I will get insurance so that I can't use the expense as an excuse to avoid the dentist. I will be rid of my pityriasis rosea (soon! I would like to be rid of it soon!) I will continue to use "Let. Go." as my mantra in the hopes that it will make me more patient and less crazy (hey, you've got to dream big, right?) I will train Wolfgang to not pee in the house. I will train Stella to stop jumping up on people. I will save more money. I will buy less clothes, cds, books, alcohol, and brand-name ice cream. I will eat more vegetables. I will attempt to like beets. I will try to stop taking Shawn for granted. I will try to be more supportive of his stupid hobbies (which include washing his car, talking about his car, reading about cars on the internet, watching car videos on the internet and ordering random (expensive!) parts for his car.)

These are not resolutions; they are inevitable events.

Or maybe they're just blog fodder for next year's New Year's post.


  1. Holy crap am I with you on the one re: the stupid car!

  2. You are a brave woman. Attempt to like beets? I just could never do that.

  3. I'll never resolve to drink or buy less alcohol! the horror!

  4. those are impressive goals. my resolution was to basically try and maintain all the other goals i keep setting for myself, like OMG WORK OUT REGULARLY ALREADY.

    ps, on the visible abs? i recommend yoga/pilates. only time i've ever been able to see my abs EVAH.

  5. Ok, well I can help you with the beets one very quickly--salad.

    make a delightful chicken salad:

    1 chicken breast boneless grilled then chopped into strips

    2 hand-fulls of spinach

    1/4 hand full of blue or goats cheese

    2 strawberries quartered

    1 beet steamed, then sliced thin into disks.

    1 ring from an onion

    raspberry vinaigrette

    while your cooking the chicken, steam the beets, and then wash the spinach and strawberries.

    chop the beets into slices, and place 3 of them about 1"-2" apart in a circle on your plate. take the spinach and then put that in the middle, take the strawberries mix them throughout--then drizzle on the cheese. chop up the chicken, and place 4 strips in a fan along the top, add a single onion ring and drizzle the vinaigrette along the outside.

    you'll love it.

    if you don't like the strawberries remove them.

  6. Good luck, darling. My resolution for the new year is to complete 40 things on my 101 in 1001 days list. Luckily, this list contains things like "drink sake" and "eat caviar" so I'm not too worried...

  7. Boys are WEIRD when it comes to hobbies (aka, obsessions). Achilles is terrible. Also, beets are gross.

  8. I hear ya on the dentist thing. I just hope your visit is better than mine!
    I finally manned up and went yesterday. Only to discover I need two fillings. And 3 wisdom teeth out. Uncool.
    And when you don't have health insurance, it's even more uncool (our health system is pretty different over here, but dental insurance is VERY expensive!)

  9. Earls has a great salad with beets in them that is actually likeable! Also screw the extra minute for putting on mascara, I just get my eyelashes dyed at the spa. It's the epitome of vanity/laziness.

  10. Me without mascara = Scary Beyond All Reason

    Here's to a super 2009!

  11. Last year I resolved to wash my face every night. I have no idea why, since I wasn't having any skin problems. The result after a week was skin that was so painful and dry, that it took the rest of the month to recover.

    Now that I'm getting older, I've modified that resolution a little to wear sunscreen every day.

  12. I haven't worn mascara in years. Why do you feel like you need to if you don't want to?

    My goal for the first quarter is for my job to stay full time.

  13. Why would you want to wear mascara every day? I mean I can understand wear it more often... but every day?

    I love sexy women but even I give a woman a chance to not be done up...

    Oh and every year I resolve not to make any resolutions... dammit.

  14. For beets, try golden beets. You can find them at the more natural stores like Whole Foods. Slice it up, toss with some olive oil and salt/pepper, and bake at 400 until they are not hard anymore (about 25 minutes). Delish!

  15. Yes, roast the beets in olive oil and salt. And then make this because the two together are heaven:


  16. I tend to avoid makeup because I rub my eyes a lot.
    And I avoid resolutions because I break them a lot :D
    So I just have goals that I don't share with anyone :D

  17. hey events and resolutions, sounds good to me, haha. but why would you drink less alcohol, i'm with maxie, the horror! haha.

  18. I am envious of the fact that you are so naturally beautiful, you can just hop out of bed and go to work in the morning.

    Without mascara, my blonde-red eyelashes are invisible. People without eyelashes just look weird, let me tell you.

    Happy 2009!

  19. Wow, good luck! I love your list. You can do it. Especially the liking beets part.

  20. You kill me. :-)

    Good luck!

  21. I recently housesat for people who had Animal Planet on their tv, and I watched a LOT of dog training shows with Victoria Stillwell.

    Here is how you train a dog to not jump on people. You have the person ring the bell. You get your dog to sit. You open the door, remind the dog to sit, (you can use treats for this if needed), and have the guest walk in.

    Dog jumps, the person puts their hands up and backs away, then turns and walks out the door giving the dog no attention. You do this over and over. (no joke, like 30 times). Eventually your dog will understand not to jump and then she will get attention (and can have a treat for not jumping).

  22. As far as the mascara? Do what I do and put it on in the bathroom at work. Sometimes I do my deodorant, hairspray, and jewelry, too.

    This year, I will try to change out of my robe before I get into the car. But no promises.