Monday, 26 January 2009

It's Never Too Late We've Still Got Time

I realize that having another Friday Faff: Monday Edition in the space of one month is a little lame but I can't help it. Work made me brain dead on Friday and whenever I went to pick up my laptop on the weekend I was distracted by either A: blue skies or B: the Australian Open. The weather has been bizarrely foggy lately so there was no end to the excitement over Blue! Skies! and sunshine. We spent hours outside with the pups, introducing Wolfgang to Stella's favourite dog park (and a feisty year-old Weimaraner, which he was none too pleased about) and trying to wear out Stella's puppy fervour. Obviously I had to balance all the fresh air and exercise out with a hefty dose of television watching, which was achieved by watching approximately 87 hours of the Australian Open. It's not my fault though - tennis is strangely hypnotic. I'd try to turn it off but I couldn't resist the urge to watch one more game, just one more I promise. And then it would be three hours later and Roger Federer would have just fought back to tie Tomas Berdych at two sets apiece, and how could I turn it off without knowing who would end up winning the match? (Federer)

Right, so, Friday Faff.

Your painting suggestions were all really helpful. I'd like to be able to say that I spent all weekend painting and have photographic proof of it, but that would be a giant lie. I did, however, decide what the colour scheme will be (but I can't tell you until I actually finish paining because if it looks like crap I'm totally redoing it.)

I tried to videotape the pups doing cute things this weekend but they were having none of it. As soon as I'd point the camera at them they'd sit and stare back at me. Meanwhile I'm shouting "Dance, monkey! Dance!" to no avail.

Vanessa, the pups do not stay in Time Out. There is no trick. When Stel is being completely horrible to Wolfgang, we put her on a chair and stand in front of it so she can't jump off. As soon as we move, she leaves. She does not acknowledge Time Out.

I didn't realize the ear chewing thing was a sign of affection or dominance, I just thought Stella was being an asshole. I do worry about infection because Wolfgang's ear does end up completely wet, inside and out. I've actually stuck a tissue in his ear and it's come out quite damp, like there was a pool of Stella drool in there. Wolfgang has actually started chewing Stella's ear now, so I'm hoping that it will break Stella of her habit (Wolfgang actually breaks the skin of Stel's ear with his pointy little puppy teeth.) Wolfgang gets his rabies vaccination in three weeks so I think I'll just ask the vet if he has any suggestions on how to get them to stop. Until then I'll just fret.

Oh! Oh! My bank has decided that I'm not a fraudster and I got my money back! Happy days.

There, that's it. I'm all faffed out.


  1. Oh yay! Congrats on getting your money back! About time.

    Try shouting "Dance, puppies, dance!" It might work better than using "monkey." ;)

  2. Hooray for the return of monies!

  3. Yay! Glad you got everything fixed and your cash money back! =)

  4. Getting the money back is beyond awesome.

  5. yaaaaaay for the return of the money!!

    haha, i love that you put the pups in time out. and that stella pouts when she's there.

    i tell myself that whenever oliver has bella pinned to the ground, and she's whining like he's stabbing her in the gut with a rusty nail, that they're being "affectionate." i'm pretty sure it's accurate.

  6. Congrats about the bank! That must be such a great feeling!

    I'm going back to read the other comments about the ear biting - my puppies mouth on my arms all the time....maybe they're trying to take over! Ah!

  7. Glad to hear about the bank thing! And I wouldn't have known that about the dogs, it seemed like a bad thing. I'd hate to see anything so cute be hurt!

  8. There is some stuff called Bitter Apple that is for animals for fur biting, hot spots & is used for training some times. I've never tried it but it's safe for pups. Maybe I should coat my couch in it so Cooper will stop ripping it up. Hmm...

  9. Woot woot for getting your money back!

    I'll be curious to hear what the vet suggests to hault the ear chewing. (Can you tell I am hoping to be a doggy owner in the not too distant future? Squee!)