Monday, 12 January 2009

Mascara Bleeds A Blackened Tear

Friday Faff: Monday Edition (I may have just cringed as I typed that)

I loved your comments regarding my New Year's Inevitable Events. I'd just like to clarify something though: I am not resolving to drink less alcohol, I am resolving to buy less alcohol. God gave me boobies for a reason and if procuring free alcohol isn't the reason, I don't know what is. Ha, I love the word boobies. Sorry.

Anyway. Thank you for your suggestions on how to make beets palatable. I'm not sure that I believe you, but I'll try. I hadn't thought of roasting them. When I was a kid, my mom would steam them (with the greens) and they'd be all soggy and limp and I have to stop thinking about it now because I just threw up in my mouth a little.

The reason I want to wear mascara to work every day is because I look like death without it. I have pale skin and pale eyes and pale eyelashes. Mascara makes me look human. (Elle Bee: I'm not naturally beautiful. I'm lazy. But thanks!) The Over-Thinker suggested that I wait until I get to work before applying my mascara. The Over-Thinker is a genius.

Thank you for your thoughts on my male/female doctor dilemma. (Especially thanks to Meg, who emailed me her doctor's contact info.) I'm still not sure where I stand. I think the main reason I'm hesitant to see a male doctor is that I'm someone who learns by doing. I know that some people learn by reading or by observing but I need to do something, actually experience something, before I can grasp it. I guess I find it difficult to accept that a male doctor could know as much as a female doctor about lady bits without actually owning said lady bits. Clearly I need to stop thinking so much and just find a damn doctor.

So there you go, I am all faffed out. Time for me to go apply some mascara.


  1. I'm still thinking Ew to beets. Ick!

  2. It's possible I laughed a LOT when I read Friday Faff: Monday Edition...

    If you happen to come across a nice male doctor, you could always do a couple non-girly-bit appointments to get used to him. You know, talk about the rash, etc? That might make you a bit more comfortable with him.

  3. Let me ask: Is a female-female doctor any less in the know about certain issues females have if she's never had those issues herself? I *get* that you want to be able to relate to your doctor, but at some point, even your female doctor might not be in the know, because her health report is bound to be different than yours. That's why, for me, a competent doctor is most important. Good luck with your search!

  4. i was very much LADY DOCTOR FOR THE LADY PARTS ONLLYYYYYY until i moved states and very suddenly needed to see a new gyn within like 3 days, and the first one i could find was a dude. turns out i don't mind them at all, which was a HUGE surprise to me. i've had 2 dudes now, and they've both been wonderfully competent.