Thursday, 22 January 2009

Hello Hello I've Got What You're Searching For

Hello to my new reader / commenter LAB who is now one of my favourites due to the following:
1 - In her first comment, she told me she loves pictures of Stella and Wolfgang, and 2 - When I clicked over to her blog, her most recent post is about food. Puppies and food! What's not to love?

It's been ages since I last posted about the pups (and by ages I mean oohhh ... a week?) so here are some recent photos:

Anyone who has a puppy will recognize that my pups are not staring at me with intense love, they are willing me to drop the treat I'm holding. I tried to flip Stella's ear over properly to take another photo but the spell was broken.

Wolfgang acting like a tough guy. All five pounds of him.

A very frowny Stella having a Time Out.

That bone is the only reason Wolfgang still has a face. When he gets extra annoying, Stella will grab her bone and start gnawing away at it while staring intently at Wolfie. It's a little scary. And a lot funny.


  1. I'll paint your walls for you if you let me play with your adorable pups!

    How do you resist staying at home and spending all days with them?

  2. Wolfgang is so badass! He's probably overcompensating for the fact that he's a snorkie and nothing you ever do or say will ever change that.


    You filthy snorkie, puggle lover.

  3. To be honest, I was getting a little worried about the pups, since I hadn't seen them in so long! :P
    I just want to lie on the floor and stick my face in their fur.
    Which is obviously how I bond with animals. Oops.

  4. Um, I think Ben just pwned you. (Is that the right word? I am so unhip to the Internet geek speak... it's a learning process.)

    Stella needs to adjust her 'tude.

  5. Oh my, pictures of the puppies AND a shout-out? This is the best post ever :)

    Is it weird that I think you should start videotaping their antics? Yeah, probably a little weird . . . but there's nothing like puppy frolicking to brighten my day!

  6. I want a Wolfgang. He's too cute.

    Stella is fabulous too, of course. (Don't chew on your bone like that Stella... I didn't mean to offend...)

  7. I think Stella and I would be fast friends with that attitude.

  8. They both have the perfect blend of badassness and cuteness combined!

  9. aww they are just so cute. love them.

  10. I really should post another update on Waldi. I wonder how all of these 10 pound dogs would get along if they met one day...

    it'd be hell I think

  11. Aren't those the cutest little faces you ever saw?! Awwww

  12. Take pictures as often as you can, they grow so fast. Also, how do you get them to stay in time out? Tell me your trick?