Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Paint's Peeling Off The Streets Again - UPDATED With Photos

Thank you for all your comments so far, I am finding them very helpful.

I took some photos last night to clarify my problem.

Let's start with my diagram.
I wanted to give you an idea of the layout of the rest of the condo. The fireplace area is our "living room" - this is where our couch, tv and coffee table are. The other half of the room is where our dining room table and chairs are. That area flows into the kitchen. The hallway highlighted in pink (painted light green) leads to our bathroom and bedroom. The den is off the kitchen and will remain unpainted as Shawn has told me, in no uncertain terms, not to mess with Manland.

Right. So. Moving on.

This is the reason I had not attempted to paint the wall. Don't ask me what all those plugs and wires are for. I don't know what they're for, I just know they're all necessary to run Shawn's System (which totally deserves to be capitalized and when said out loud, should be said in an awestruck tone of voice.)

I could not take an accurate picture of the shades of green because I had no natural light, so imagine these greens but less yellow.
These are walls A, B and C. Sorry for the poor picture quality. I have no excuses.

Honestly, I'm very hesitant to paint C (the white surrounding the fireplace.) That being said, I think it might look silly if I paint B (wall behind the fireplace) and leave the fireplace white. Also, I feel like A need to be painted the lighter colour to create division in the room ("dining room" would be olive green, "living room" would be light green.)

I have no idea what to do but I can't leave it the way it is. Right now it looks like we ran out of paint before finishing the job.


  1. Your colours are awesome. I vote for A, B, C all light green.

  2. Hi Hillary! I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog, but I've been reading it for a while and I love it (especially the pictures of Stella and Wolfgang). As for the paint color dilemma, I'm in favor of the light green for both the wall and fireplace. I have a similar green in my living room and I'm a big fan.

  3. Okay. A=light green B&C=dark green to make it a focal point and make the wood of the mantle pop.

    The pictures are amazingly helpful.

  4. that sure is one super intense entertainment System...holy shit.

    Kudo's on the in-wall wiring.

    And good luck with the painting, I don't really know much about color so really I'd be impressed with white walls...

  5. Holy crapstick, that's intense wirage.
    I vote for A and B to be light green to help with the separation of living and dining areas. If you feel the need to paint C, maybe do it the darker colour, to create a...whatever the word is I'm looking for. Contrast? Focal point? Whatever, you know what I mean!

  6. I would paint A light green and B and C dark green.
    It would mimic the other wall, where the stick out more wall is dark and the rest light.

  7. Those are awesome colors, I say paint and if you don't like it, paint again! Paint is an easy cheap fix to any wall.

  8. ok, here's my vote. paint the wall surrounding the fireplace a contrasting color - don't panic, but a nutmeg color (think brown with a bit of burnt orange in it) would be stunning. paint the other walls the olive green.

    i might also recommend a nice warm grey for the wall with the fireplace. AND the fireplace, too. don't leave it white.

  9. you know what you haven't even started to fret about? the sides of c. yeah. i said it. you actually have FIVE walls to deal with. love you!

  10. I think A should be the darker green and B should be the lighter green...that way they'll match the walls on the opposite side of the room and will create two "separate" rooms. Dining room would be all dark green and living room would be all light green.

    I think C should be the darker green too. It would add contrast and tie everything together. And I think a painted fireplace will look good...they do it on HGTV all the time!