Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cause Andy You're A Star In Nobody's Eyes But Mine

I stayed up late to watch the tennis last night (damn you Andy Roddick and your adorable tennis player's bum) so my brain is fried today. Instead of a coherent post, I've got Tuesday Randomness. Enjoy!

It's snowing again in Vancouver and it is making me stabby. Wolfgang refuses to go outside when the temperature dips below zero and Stella is having a nasty foot issue because of the salt on the sidewalks. After each walk, I put her in an inch of warm water in the bathtub and try to soak the salt out from between her pads but she still licks and licks and licks until her feet are red and raw. The puppies and I would appreciate the arrival of Spring soon, mmmkay?

Speaking of puppies and foot issues, I recently bought a PediPaws nail trimmer. Stella loses her shit whenever I try to clip her nails and I am really anxious about clipping them too short and hurting her. So I've got the PediPaws and I've read the instruction booklet about how to introduce it to your puppy, and I've watched the online video demonstration, but Stella is having none of it. She will sniff the PediPaws and let me hold it near her while it's on (but only if I've got a treat I'm bribing her with) but as soon as I try to get near her paw, she's off and running. Does anyone have a PediPaws and/or expert advice on how to use it on a non-cooperative dog?

I won Angella's itunes contest a few weeks ago and just spent my itunes dollars. I bought David Usher's new EP Live From Montreal, Fleet Foxes' self-titled album, and Hideaway by The Weepies. If I was spending real money instead of free money, I probably wouldn't buy Live From Montreal. It's a bit of a luxury item because I already own all of David Usher's albums so I've already got the songs featured on the live EP. I'm glad I got it though because it is fabulous. He plays around with his songs when he plays them live, so although I've already got the songs, I now have different versions of them. The Weepies album is great, though there really isn't a stand out song for me yet. Fleet Foxes ... well ... I think I am just not cool enough to get Fleet Foxes. I had read a lot about the band and I think I may have hyped them up too much in my mind. I've only listened to the entire album once though, so maybe I just need a few more listen-throughs before I like it. Maybe Fleet Foxes are an acquired taste? What are you listening to and loving right now? I could also use some book recommendations too, if anyone's got any.


  1. Aw! Big city living for puppies is tough - a pair of boots will stop the salt problems.

  2. I'm not sure if my original comment got posted or not, as I wasn't signed in to wordpress. If it does, just delete this one.

    Anyway, I hate the snow too, and hope it stops soon. Sorry about the pups having such issues with it - that's no fun. Hopefully the rain will come soon!

    I highly recommend reading anything by Colleen McCullough. She's a fantastic author, and has written an excellent series about Rome. It's hard to get into at first, but I'm sure you'll get hooked quickly, like I did. The first book in the series is called The First Man in Rome. It's phenomenal!

  3. And my suggestion for an unwilling puppy is to have someone else do it- in Winnipeg it costs $5.00 for a walk in appointment and it's so fast.

    Our guys wont let us near them either.

  4. Andy Roddick is really REALLY cute! Oops, I just drifted off into a bit of a fantasy there, apologies!

    Book recommendations . . . if you like chick-lit, I have tons. If not, I'm out.

  5. OHH! Let us know how the Pedi Paws goes. I've looked at them at the pet store but wasn't sure it would work. Cooper does something similar with the "Furminator." I have to use a HAND FULL of treats to get him to sit still for about 30 seconds. At the rate I'm going he will shed less but weigh 150 lbs!

  6. They have little shoe booties for dogs to use in snow that prevent the salt issue, will she wear those?

  7. I have a Pedi Paws. It works really well, and it doesn't freak Bailey out TOO much. With that said, I probably wouldn't try it without my boyfriend helping me hold him down. And frequent treats.

  8. Get Shawn to clip her nails!
    Or, one of you hold her while the other clips. I second the idea of little booties for her for the salt issue.
    I am really digging Ken Follett, but not his WWII books. The other ones. Also, I recently read "Lullabies for Little Criminals", which was awesome. It takes place in Montreal, and is about a 12 year old girl who more or less lives on the streets.
    "The Neverending Story" is always a good fall-back for me, as is anything by Francesca Lia Block (oh my gods, we're Facebook friends and it makes me so happy!!!), as well as Dean Koontz.
    I can think of some more if you really want!

  9. I still haven't spent the iTunes card they sent me. I KNOW.

  10. I love the Killers!

    Regarding the foot problem, I would soak the dogs feet in epsom salt baths and that seemed to help the redness/irritation. Ultimately I bought them shoes to wear outside when we moved to NYC. The salt mixture was rumored to be harsher and that solved the problem entirely.

  11. I'm reading a book called "Mistakes were Made (but not by me)". It's about how our brains work, and deny culpability. Pretty interesting.

    And every time I see PediPaws I'm tempted to buy it, but then I remember that my old cat doesn't seem to mind the old clippers and my new cat came declawed.

  12. Oh how I relate to the doggy paws issues. Besides booties (which your pups might not like), I've heard there is this paw wax you put on before going out. It helps keeps their pads moisturized and protects from the salt. I have yet to try it, but it might be worth a shot.